Week 3 Teaser | Dromaeosaurid theropods: Velociraptor and its kin

Dromaeosaurids are represented across most of the Cretaceous, but possible material from the Middle Jurassic around 167 million years ago has the potential to significantly extend their record deeper in time. Dromaeosaurs are known from both Laurasia and Gondwana but have yet to be found on the Indian subcontinent. They can be identified just from […]

Kinship Carers Week – Worcestershire Children First

I’ve worked with children for many years now in safeguarding and in fostering and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work in the Kinship Team with Worcestershire Children First. I have worked with and continue to work with many Kinship Carers around Worcestershire and I find that they do is absolutely amazing […]

Tears and hope fill the last group reunion of the war torn families

Scores of South and North Koreans bid an emotional farewell on Wednesday following their first reunions after more than six decades of living apart following the outbreak of the Korean War. They said goodbye, knowing that it will almost certainly be the last time they will ever see each other. Lee Ji-won reports. The last […]

5 Unique Minority Peoples You’ve Never Heard Of

There are minority populations living across the globe. Often times, they are incredible unique, even though they might be in plain view. So in order to lead you down the path of discovery, We bring you 5 unique minorities you’ve never heard of. Many people might believe the Basque people to be just a subset […]

Lorefinder: Humans and their Kin

You know, sometimes I wonder, how come in a world with immortal wizards; workaholic dwarves; an entire race of incredible hulks that breed like rabbits, to say nothing of the bloody dragons, how the hell did humans! Of all things, end up on top? Well, the answer is deceptively simple. Humans are the jack of […]

Lord of the Rings: Kin-strife (Gondor Civil War)

Following the devastating wars of the First Age, humans who supported the Elves against the dark lord Morgoth, were rewarded with a new homeland on the island of Numenor, becoming tallest and wisest of their race, with many living over 300 years. Numenor thrived throughout the Second Age, but eventually fell under the influence of […]

Головоломка:Ёлки 3/Inside out:Fir-trees 3-part 2 (Inga’s family)

Hey, I see morose rat. What happened? The snowman kdnapped two baby rats named Rhodium and Snowflake. I must to take care about their. Are you his dad? I’m not their dad. I’m uncle. Their mother named Inga went to London to fiance and she left their for me. We must to find baby rats! […]

Grandparents in crisis over children ‘dumped by parents’

Grandparents forced to look after their grandchildren after they were abandoned by their parents are at breaking point, a new survey claims More than 200,000 children in Britain are taken in by their grandparents, aunts, uncles or other relatives after being ‘dumped’ by their parents  But unlike foster carers, so-called kinship carers get no financial […]

Why royal baby WON’T have the same surname as parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle [Royals TV]

Why royal baby WON’T have the same surname as parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle And this is why March 16, 2019 – 08:03 GMT Hanna Fillingham Royal news revealed – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal baby will have a different surname from him and this is why  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex […]

ROYAL FAMILY: Why royal baby WON’T have the same surname as parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Why royal baby WON’T have the same surname as parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to welcome their first baby in the next few weeks, and we can’t wait! And while we still don’t know the baby’s gender, or the couple’s name preferences, there is one thing […]