WPT University Place: The Intriguing Life Histories of Mosquitoes

– Welcome to tonight’s community lecture. We have a very interesting lecture tonight on mosquitoes, which is a little late in the season, but we’ll go with it anyway. Some of you still have some of those in your cars and in your basements, and every now and then I find one in my bedroom. […]

Get to know your fashion/beauty channel’s community feat. RoxyRocksTV and Hairodynamic

Hi I’m Monica from Hairodynamic. And I’m Roxy from RoxyRocksTV. And today we’re going to talk about your YouTube community. My community is an international, very positive community and at the beginning the Italian subscribers were the ones talking more and interacting more with me but after I made a video about how to learn […]

OSHO: Individual Intelligence – A Danger to Society

presents Individual Intelligence – A Danger to Society No society wants you to become wise – it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated; they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like a robot. They will […]

A Community Grows, Despite Racism

More than 130 years ago, Japanese immigrants began coming to the United States in search of a better life. About 300,000 came to Hawai’i and the mainland to work as plantation workers, farmers, fishermen, mill workers, and railroad workers. Even though they worked hard, they were not always welcome. Frank Miyamoto explains why his father […]

Amish Community Libby Montana- Amish in the Rocky Mountains- 2008 Documentary

The Millers are Amish, an Anabaptist group who began to leave Europe 300 years ago, to escape persecution, coming to the New World starting in the early 1700s. Ora Miller and his wife Orpha came in 1975 to Libby in western Montana with 6 of their 8 children. Today they live on the land with […]

Argentina at the World Cup | Animated Histories

Amidst the odd brush with brilliance, Argentina have actually had a rough old time of it. They nearly got their hands on the first ever World Cup until it was redirected to their rivals next door. Then, after a shameful second outing, a sulky Argentina refused to show up for the next 20 years. In […]

Community Organizer Raj Jayadev | 2018 MacArthur Fellow

When people come to us, they’re facing the darkest moment of their lives. Someone they care deeply about is facing the possibility of being incarcerated. They feel alone. They feel isolated against this behemoth of a system. My name is Raj Jayadev, and I am a Community Organizer. We decided to be irreverent to this […]

Where do Roma belong in European societies?

– The Roma are the largest minority within the European Union context, and in Europe in general. There are more Roma than Danish or Swedish nationals in Europe. Just to give you an example of the size of the population. But they’re spread in most of the European member states. So they don’t have a […]

What is Community Mental Health?

Hi my name is Liz. I’m the chair of the Community Mental Health program at CIIS and I want to tell you a story about psychotherapy and social justice. It starts like this, once upon a time there was a big, wide river with two villages next to it. Upstream and downstream. And in downstream […]