Recognizing Malignant Narcissism in Our Own Community – Evening TV

I’m here on the last of our recon missions trying to find our new hometown in Mexico, and so I think this is actually gonna be it. We really, really like Merida. It’s our first time here, and we’re gonna go visit Progresso and stuff today – which is the nearest beach. But yeah, Merida […]

Life in a Space Colony, ep3: Early Interstellar Colonies

Today’s episode is the third and final of a three part series looking at what life might be like on colonies or colonial spaceships. Today we are focusing on interstellar colonies, or more accurately early interstellar colonies. As we have noted before, with the barrier of light speed communication, in many ways a colony around […]

The Storyteller: FALLOUT S1 E5 – The Enclave

You’ve experienced the FALLOUT series in your own way, but want to learn more about its story. Well- to get to the heart of the story- you have to go back to the beginning… As far as anyone knows, this wasteland is the best damned wasteland in the world. When America and China went head-to-head […]

Cockatile Sunconure Chicks Releasing At Tame Birds Farm Colony / How To Hand Feed Baby Birds Tips.

it’s very calm & cool it behaves so nicely that I become a fan of it I like the African Gray as well they’re making fun it would stay here for a week in a little cage release it with’em their hand feeding is done after feeding them for a long time when sifting them […]

What Community Really Means

You think of the hat. Like people have pulled me aside like, “hey can you hold my baby so I can take a picture.” I am literally nobody. Like I’m just me. But it’s the fact that I am different. You’re here because I’m different. I’m not the best at LinkedIn. I’m not a LinkedIn […]

COLONY Season 2 Episode 2 “Somewhere Out There” Review

Hello everyone. The episode 2 “Somewhere Out there” finally showed us how it all started in the first place, and I’m NOT talking about the Arrival here. This episode starts with a bunch of scientists who received some sort of signal from space. And they decided to send a signal back. My theory is that […]

Histories and Lore – House Bolton

BOLTON: Like the Starks, the blood of House Bolton runs back to the First Men. -(BATTLE SOUNDS) -Singers call those times the Age of Heroes. A mask for a savage world that bred savage men. The Lannisters swindled their enemies, the Storm Kings hammered them, and the Starks cut off their heads. In such company […]

Jordan Bailey – “Men in My Family”

The men in my family wear masculinity like war medals. From birth, deem themselves protectors, providers, kings of everything their light touches without needing a Mufasa co-song. You know, growing up, I always felt envious to how fluent they were in confidence, how they seemed to effortlessly bounce in and out of dialects of huh, […]

France at the World Cup | Animated Histories

France, the country that gave the world new wave cinema, haute-couture and the suburban dead end. Their first foray into world football came in 1904, a rather cosy affair with their nextdoor neighbours. And with just one game behind them, they duly formed an entire world governing body for the sport and gave it a […]

Germany at the World Cup | Animated Histories

The German national team, or de Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft value consistency. So, after losing their first ever game to Switzerland, they lost their next three matches too, including a 9-0 defeat by England amateurs, still their biggest loss. Showing very un-German timekeeping, they missed the first World Cup altogether, only making it to the next one, […]