Smithsonian Open Access Launch Event

– [Announcer] Please welcome to the stage Cooper Hewitt interim director, John Davis. (audience applauding) – Good evening. (audience applauding) When most people think about the Smithsonian, they think of our iconic museums here on the National Mall. Such as this one, the National Museum of American History. And we are so delighted to be […]

100 Layers Challenge vs An Actual Firefighter!

this is 100 layers we are going to be going through a hundred layers now Marco here it’s going to be going through things he does on the job on the regular basis narwhals not that’s it that’s it let’s use that for sure absolutely wait what we’re gonna call it the piercer thank you […]

University of Iowa cataloging 4,000 tiny literary jewels

Only a mouse could curl up with one of these at night teeny-weeny tomes miniature books and grad student Bethany Klunder is cataloging them do your eyes ever get tired yeah especially with the really tiny ones the University of Iowa has anything but a pint-sized collection four thousand all measuring three inches or less […]

Henry Whites Death at Fort Howland | Episode 15 | Lineage

Topsham, Maine is located about 25 miles north of Portland, Maine and is the home of Fort Howland, the home of Stockbridge Howland, an important place in early sabbatarian Adventism. This town would have had a population of around 2,000 in the 1840s and the principal industry would have been the mill factories along the […]


Today, I am going to the seedling sowing songs Is not no eat eating dishes of the Yang Yang today to buy some back Did you get from the plant Be able to do it Enough ah Well put much Your most powerful hurry up Does not take up hoes This plant began to give […]

The family tree of the universe | Debbie Bard | TEDxStanford

Transcriber: Zsuzsa Viola Reviewer: Tanya Cushman Before I get going, there’s one thing that I think I need to clear up and that’s not associated with how we think particle physicists look. I’m not from around here. This is typically the first thing people notice when they meet me, so I thought I should address […]

The Great Awakening | Episode 2 | Season 2 | Lineage

America as a nation was sought after initially by those fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Yet, upon arriving in the New World, many people slipped into religious lethargy as the pressures and opportunities of the New World enveloped their lives. In the 17- and 1800s, two revivals would take place known as the Great Awakening. […]

Climbing Islands in the Sky in Search of New Species | Nat Geo Live

Mark:My years in Yosemite were the best years of my life.That was where I was trainingand I was learning the skills of big wall climbing.And I wanted to find walls that people hadn’t done beforeand I wanted to pioneer my own routes.But, you know what conclusion that I did come tofrom going on all these […]

Khitan: deciphering China’s forgotten Para-Mongolic language

History is fickle. Your people could sweep across the steppes centuries before the Mongols. You could build a great literate empire. We can know so much about you, the life story of who was first and who last. China itself can write official texts about you. Yet it’s no guarantee, after all that work, that […]

A Bit About Chö (Chod): Lineage Prayers

I just want to say a little about the lineage. I already talked a little about it last year. Also somebody emailed me about the authenticity, questioning about the authenticity of the lineage and so forth. In the West, I don’t know, we have this idea about … it’s so easy to solidify, or slide […]