Every Family Meal Ever | MostlySane

In our family, family meals are top priority. Everyone enjoys so much. They’re excited to eat as much as I am excited to cook for them. Just look at he happiness on everyones face when I serve the food. Did everyone wash their hands? Yes. I did. Wait wait. In school they’ve taught us to […]

Top 5 Scary Mysterious Secret Societies In Literature

You could say–secret Societies–by definition, are certainly failing to serve their purpose if they’re making their way onto this list. But thankfully for us–literature affords us the privilege of perspective. Third Person omniscient perspective… or.. At the very least, first person perspective–with a little drizzle of unreliable narration. You see, there’s nothing quite like turning […]

5 Disappearances That Were Solved Decades Later | Part 2

Denise Bolser In 1985, 24 year old, Denise Bolser lived with her husband in Manchester, New Hampshire. On January 17, 1985, Denise vanished from her home without a trace. The only clue that was found was a note that was left behind which read “We’ve got your wife.” A few days later, her abandoned truck […]

Put Your Family Tree Online

Howdy! I’m Devon Noel and I’m Caleb Lee and we’re Family HIstory Fanatics. Today we’re going to tell you five reasons why you should be using an online family tree. [Opening Music] Do you know what the first one is ? Organization? Absolutely! Organization! Now, I don’t mean just organizing your paper files because again, […]

Every Parent’s Fight Ever! | MostlySane

Mom, dad I’m home! Tell me honestly. Sometimes you just enter the house and know that something is wrong Today also it looks like these kids have had a fight. Hi dad. Hi! How was your day? It was good. At least someone had a good day. Hi mom. I’m hungry. Okay. Come lets eat. […]