How I Made $120,000 My FIRST YEAR In Real Estate

Using ICPSR’s Virtual Data Enclave (VDE)

Hello. This video is required viewing for anyone accessing ICPSR’s Virtual Data Enclave, or VDE. At the end of this video you will be asked a short series of questions to verify your understanding of the concepts in the training. You must complete this video and these questions before using the VDE. In this video […]

Home & Community-Based Services Rule Overview

Welcome! My name is Heidi Hamilton and I work in the Disability Service Division at the Department of Human Services. The purpose of this video is to help people understand the new federal Home and Community-Based Services rule. In this video, we will be going over the concepts in the new rule, with a focus […]

How-to Build and Train IQ Bot in Automation Anywhere Community Edition

Automation Anywhere IQ Bot streamlines your automation workflow by intelligently transforming documents into structured data for easy processing. Let’s see how to use IQ Bot to extract data from a set of sample documents. In this video we will create a learning instance and train the instance. From the Community Edition homepage, click Launch IQ […]

Aeronautics Maintenance Technology at Honolulu Community College

My name is Jamie Thompson, I’m 24 years old I graduated from St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, California in 2004 and I’m here at HCC studying their Aeronautics Maintenance Technician program. I chose Honolulu Community College mainly for the fact that this is the only school in the state that offers the Aeronautrics Maintenance […]

How to Use the Audit Log: Finding Errors & Transaction Histories: QuickBooks Online US Tutorial 2018

anytime you or any of your company’s users does something in QuickBooks QuickBooks records it onto something called the audit log you can access the audit log by selecting the gear icon and then audit log from the audit log you can see every event that happens in your QuickBooks company file along with the […]

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Model CO Makes Family Proud (Officer Stories Part 3 – Mangin) | A&E

The Family Tree Model – Managing Contacts and Relationships

Hi we’re gonna talk today about the family tree model very interesting very useful model and it’s simply all about mapping out our relationships business relationships personal relationships you name it two simple questions to ask if it’s Let’s say a marketing area business development area that you are looking at Instead of lengthy questionnaires […]

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self | MITx on edX | About Video

[MUSIC PLAYING] We live in an age of profound disruption, where something is ending and dying, and something else is wanting to be born. What’s ending and dying is a civilization that’s built on the mindset of maximum me, of bigger is better, and of special interest group-driven decision making that has led us into […]

Training and Coaching with The Family History Guide

The training and coaching section provides 15-, 30-, and 60-minute training courses via our Course Catalog … taking you step-by-step through each function of the four main family history sites. It provides you with detailed information about how to best train and coach others and grants you access to our online and printable trackers helping […]