Shep Smith – We Don’t F*#kin’ Torture!

i’m gonna say something controversial i believe as chefs miss goes so goes the nation the it was that it overstated so let me explain now shepherd i on fox news who usually just goes along okay you know they do their nonsense and he tries not in about two months but he has the […]

News Anchor – Keep [email protected]#Kin’ That Chicken

birding an acess uh… anchor in new york sense of the rather curious on eric to say the least for sills logical argument uh… why he thinks he sat k differentiate hard for you watson was found loss of a risk abatements awesome your is that right he thought you meant chicken so we are […]

This Weeks Highlights – My F*#Kin’ Ankle!!!

high-stakes we’re gonna have a phenomenal such as the longer we nominal week egg in a day demand disembodied look at that we elected this guy’s present will get all most remembered her usual war seeking ways diminish breakdown opposition since this was about this but my side is one that’s right they sure don’t […]

Hitler Had Jewish, African Ancestry (DNA Test)

the n_ a test show that hitler may have had at uation and african ancestors i think that this is a very interesting story right because first tell us probably canada conclusion just for a football they cannot conclusion by taking uh… d_n_a_ samples from thirty nine of his relatives and then they access to […]