God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball, I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus. -[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think […]

Black Family Magic Is… | Family Reunion | Netflix

Come on, y’all.Moz, Cocoa, and the kids moving back home;it’s Black Family Magic. Smile, there you go.We’re one big happy family, under one happy roof.I hope you been studying. No! You need to teach me how you do that. It’s a gift, baby. Black Family Magic is being together. Sticking together. And praying together. Jesus, […]

Will Forte Prank Calls the National Audubon Society – Crank Yankers

[lively orchestral music][line trilling]– Thank you for calling the National Audubon Society. This is Sarah. How may I help you? – Hi, yes, my name’s Bob I actually had a question for you about a bird. I have, a–do you know the Ring systems for your doorbell? – Uh, yeah. – I’ve noticed this– a […]

Ancestry Express

♫ And what can I do for you today? I’d like to make a deposit? How much will you be depositing? 500 dollars, cash. I’m going to need to see your bank card and ID, please. (Teller) Hmm. I’m not sure I can accept this. (Customer) My Status card? It’s a federally-issued piece of ID. […]