Inclusive culture in schools transforms communities | Heidi Heissenbuttel | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Kirstie Neo Reviewer: Ilze Garda Imagine. Imagine that schools recruit children who have the most different thoughts and behaviors. Imagine that children who learn differently are considered children with special rights. Imagine that educators have all the tools and strategies they need to meet all the needs of the learners in their classroom. Imagine […]

The Conspiracy Files: Putin, The FBI and Donald Trump – the fifth estate

[ ♪♪ ] >>Bob: It is as much a city of the 19th century or the Cold War as it is of today. And through the years, Moscow has earned its reputation as an often grey, glum, occasionally even grim kind of place, though apparently not when Donald Trump came to town.>>Only one woman in […]

How policewomen make communities safer | Ivonne Roman

I’ve been a police officer in an urban city for nearly 25 years. That’s crazy, right? And in that time, I’ve served in every rank, from police officer to police chief. A few years ago, I noticed something alarming. Starting in 2014, I started monitoring recruits as they cycled through police academies in the state […]

The gold standard community for persons with developmental disabilities | John Fahrenbach | TEDxLFHS

Translator: Brian Vuksanovich Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard When I first started to plan out my talk here today, I knew that I want to hit upon two points, and that’s community and people with developmental disabilities. And this is important to me because over 50 years ago, my uncle Brian was born and upon his birth, […]

Be a Community Organizer with a Cause | Beth Benedict | TEDxGallaudet

Thank you. Thank you very much. And hello everybody. Everybody is looking at me and thinking of me as an early interventionist or a woman or whatever identity you’re ascribing me. But I’m here to talk about early intervention and also to talk about what your role in early intervention approach is. We often talk […]

Community service: Alex Danilowicz at TEDxEncinitas

Translator: Katarzyna Lisowska Reviewer: Tulio Leao As a high school student, I know that just jumping in can be scary, but I always find it rewarding. And I know that just jumping in isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it continues to surprise me how few people do just jump in, especially teenagers. Today, […]

USA at the World Cup | Animated Histories

In the classic tale of simple yank takes on snotty Europeans, American soccer is stuck in the second act, just one training montage shy of success. The story starts in 1620, when, it’s claimed, pilgrim settlers saw Native Americans playing a game called pasuckuakohowog at Plymouth Rock. And, as part of a long tradition, they […]

Neighborhood Revitalization through Culture, Community, and Creativity | Jason Jackson | TEDxMemphis

Translator: Andréia Matias Reviewer: Mirjana Čutura There’s an inherent beauty in utilizing the resources available and repurposing that allows for authenticity while simultaneously being able to create something new and different and inspire change. I grew up in a low-income neighborhood, and we had to be pretty resourceful. My sisters and I shared a room, […]

When mental illness enters the family | Dr. Lloyd Sederer | TEDxAlbany

Translator: Katarina Ericson Reviewer: Denise RQ Thank you for joining me. We’re here together because we share a common interest and concern, and that’s helping a loved one with a mental illness get the kind of care that’s going to make a difference in their life, and that of their family. I’m talking about a […]