Judging Societies by Women’s Prisons | Emily Salisbury | TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen

Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Denise RQ “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” This famous quote by Dostoyevsky reminds us that to truly understand the progression of humanity, we should open our eyes to see how we treat some of the most unsympathetic characters in our world. How […]

World Mission Society Church of God and Its Critics

“I just learned about the bible with the Church of God, and I’m so happy. There are many things in the Bible that I didn’t know about. “This church is so amazing! I’m so excited” Do you have any questions?” “No everything is great, everything you showed me was directly in the Bible. I can’t […]

Finding Your Voice in an Extroverted Society | Abigail Smith | TEDxStLawrenceU

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Claudia Sander Rosa Parks, pioneer of the civil rights movement. Steve Wozniak, inventor of the most popular computer model. Bill Gates, technological genius. Sir Isaac Newton, world-renowned physicist. J. K. Rowling, author of the best-selling book series. Dr. Seuss, one of the most famous children’s authors. Our world would not be […]

Dividing the United States Into Independent Nations – The Jim Jefferies Show

At this point, America is so politically fractured, there seems to be no turning back. The great divide in American politics shows no sign of closing… or even quieting down. Man: A Pew study finds 81% of voters say they cannot agree with the other side on basic facts. Exactly! We’re all in our own […]

The Generation Tap – Marcha’s Genealogy Story

Hi, my name is Marcha Francis Gentry, and I’ve been married for about 10 years. The reason I’m interested in Family History is because, for that period of time that I’ve been married, I got married into a family that has extensive genealogy work done. Lots of books have been written about my husband’s genealogy […]

Why Does the Government Want Your DNA?

Recently President Obama announced a new program to create a pool of DNA samples from one million volunteers. This would be just one of many government run DNA databases around the world, ones proposed for a variety of well meaning reasons, like healthcare and preventing crimes. But many people are worried that this “precision medicine” […]

You Can’t Stop the Beat | Ram’s Head Theatrical Society performs ‘Hairspray’ | TEDxStanford

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Denise RQ (Music) You can’t stop my happiness, because I like the way I am. And you just can’t stop my knife and fork when I see a Christmas ham! So if you don’t like the way I look, well, I just don’t give a damn! Because the world keeps spinning […]

Our Current Knowledge Society | Rumi Chunara | TEDxSugarLand

Translator: Imamali Dadashzada Reviewer: Denise RQ In 2013, riding the wave of Google Flu Trends, our research group found that Google search queries from Thailand could actually be predictive of the number of cases of malaria in Thailand. But what would happen when we looked a little bit closer is we found that some of […]

Who Were Donald Trump’s Grandparents? | History

hometown of New York City. In fact, his family has a long history in the Big Apple, starting with his grandparents. Friedrich and Elizabeth Trump were both born in Kallstadt, Germany, and actually grew up across the street from one another. In the 1880s, Friedrich ventured to North America, making a small fortune during Alaska’s […]

Kelly Clarkson’s Prisoner Of War Ancestry | Who Do You Think You Are

Kelly has arranged to meet historian Tim Orr at the dekap History Center she’s searching for information on the battle that Isaiah fought in and what happened to him after he was taken prisoner well thank you so much Tim for meeting with me just to get you caught up I found that my three-times […]