Understanding the Global Community – Defining Culture and Identity

>>>>Dean Grillot: As we begin to talk about the subject of culture and identity, it’s important to first start with defining those concepts. It’s a bit difficult to really understand exactly what we mean by culture and identity, but there is one organization — a very reputable organization, UNESCO — that provides us this definition […]

Understanding the Global Community – Realism/Neorealism

>>>>Dean Grillot: We’ll begin our examination of international relations theory with one of the most dominant approaches in the field, and that is realist theory. Realists believe that states are primary actors. So think about all those actors we’ve already talked about in this class: individual actors, international organizations. To realists, these actors are not […]

Introduction to Sociology – Race and Ethnicity

>>All right, now we’re going to talk about race and ethnicity. Whenever I teach this class, I think back to a time when I was in the seventh grade. I was assigned to read a book called Black Like Me. In this book, a white man living in a southern state painted his skin dark, […]

Introduction to Sociology – Society and Social Interaction

>>All right, we’ve been building our understanding about what society looks like. We started by talking about culture and the rules that exist that that people have to follow. Then we talked about how people learned those rules. Now we are going to talk about how people interact with each other and the social structure […]

Practical Importance of Human Evolution – Controversial Practical Applications – Ancestry Testing

>>Questions about ancestry testing frequently come up in my classes. The idea of ancestry testing is to use genetic data and evolutionary concepts to determine your genetic heritage. For example, how much of your genetic material is Irish? Or are you related to a famous person? Things like that. Does ancestry testing have a practical […]

Practical Importance of Human Evolution – Speciation – Introduction to Genealogy

>>Let’s talk for a minute about family and genetics. Imagine you’re studying how genetic mutations can occur in family lines. For this class we’ll still keep this simple by examining a type of genetic material that is only inherited from mother to child. I have put the mother (Rosalind) at the top of this family […]