Film Histories Episode 35 – Inchon

Often being referred to as the forgotten war, the Korean War, has seen lasting of effects in the modern world. But in terms of quantity to other modern wars, Korean War films pale in comparison to films on World War II, or the Vietnam War. That’s not to say there aren’t films on the Korean […]

Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire

Heavenly father, please help us. Please help us to be safe. I am thankful for [unclear – Jeremy?] and his willingness to be brave.

How Trump has helped the African American community

USA at the World Cup | Animated Histories

In the classic tale of simple yank takes on snotty Europeans, American soccer is stuck in the second act, just one training montage shy of success. The story starts in 1620, when, it’s claimed, pilgrim settlers saw Native Americans playing a game called pasuckuakohowog at Plymouth Rock. And, as part of a long tradition, they […]

Jeremy Corbyn: Trump-Farage-Johnson pact would threaten rights in UK

I think what we have before us is an alliance between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. We know where that alliance is designed to take us: into a sweetheart trade deal with the United States that will threaten all of our regulations, all of our conditions and threaten our public services. Farage […]

Civil Society 2.0 – Tech Camps

Foreign Service Officers are diplomats, often times been in diplomacy for 20, 25, 30 years and they understand that social media is important, they understand that technology is powerful, they understand that they need to incorporate it into their work but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are comfortable with it or that they know […]

Ethnicity Over Humanity?! – #JeSuisLaVie

Respect to the Anti-Terrorism march in Paris! And respect to almost everyone who took part in this amazing cause! 13 people died in Paris, by the hands of 2 “islamist” extremists different kinds of trends came out… like #JeSuisCharlie and #WeAreCharlie And even #KillAllMuslims given that 2 of the victims were in fact Muslims. One […]

‘You don’t have to look black to be black’: The complex racial identity of a tiny Ohio town

With a lot of the people that live out here, you probably wouldn’t take them to be black people. You might not look black but you got the black blood into you. My name is Roberta Jeannette Oiler but I go by Bert for a nickname. I’ve lived here all my life. On my job […]

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway asks reporter: ‘What’s your ethnicity?’

If the president was not telling these four congresswoman to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring? – What’s your ethnicity? – Uh, why is that relevant? – No, no because I’m asking a question. – My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy. – Kellyanne, my own ethnicity is […]

The Society Cast Tries Snacks from Australia & the US | Netflix

– Gonna put them in our mouths, we’re gonna see how we feel about them. – This is genuinely disgusting. – [Alex] Hello. – [Natasha] Is it action? – Is it going? Hey, guys. – This is the cast of Society. – Hi! – It’s Australia, verse America. Round one, Vegemite in a tube? This […]