Is Utopia Always Dystopia? Is Utopia Possible?

In every second, of every day, you have to decide between action and inaction. We’re all tangled up in a web of cause and effect and so every choice you make has gravity and pulls us towards one of two futures: one that is more heavenly or one that is more hellish; one that is […]

WPT University Place: A Genealogy of “America”

– Now it’s my great pleasure to introduce our guest speaker today, Professor Florencia Mallon. We would like to thank her in a heartfelt fashion for her acceptance of our invitation to present a lecture fitting the theme of the Peterson Lecture Series as well as the theme of The Year of Mexico. Professor Mallon […]

Path to a society without work or Money

A human being should not have to do what a machine could do. Paradism aims at giving all the jobs to the machines to free the people from having to work. Paradism is a new society for a world without work without money, without government a paradise on earth. It is all made possible thanks […]