Oral Histories: 50 Years of UC San Diego School of Medicine (John West)

So my name’s John West and I made my first visit to UCSD way back in 1968. Not too many people around from that period. And the reason was that they were looking for somebody, this is right at the beginning of the medical school, of course, the first students began in 1968, somebody who […]

SOUTH KOREA 2017 | HOME ALONE | 나 혼자 산다

Colorism in the Latinx Community! Ft. Lee Chin | Decoded | MTV

– Why would black people in Brazil get upset about a black woman winning a beauty contest? The answer ends with “ism” but probably not the one you think. (soft techno music) Today we’re talking about a mode of discrimination that predominantly impacts people of color and you might be surprised hearing this from me, […]