The opioid crisis is making grandparents become parents again

Opioid abuse has made thousands of Americans incapable of caring for their children, and that has drawn attention to grandparents, many of whom are receiving the same phone call from child protective services or law enforcement… “When you get the call and there’s never been a formal removal, the options are going to be: come […]

What DNA ancestry tests can � and cant � tell you Vox

What DNA ancestry tests can — and cant — tell you Vox At home DNA ancestry tests have become hugely popular in recent years. More than have taken one, and if the kits marketing is to be believed, the tests can help you learn where your DNA comes from — and even where your ancestors […]

How the LGBT community created voguing

Kia LaBeija: I was inspired by voguing because voguing allows you to be anything and anyone you want to be. Archie Burnett: Vogue is within the realm of a dance family. Archie: And that’s what it’s supposed to be—a dance family. The name voguing comes from Vogue magazine. The movements that define the dance are […]

Film Histories Episode 39 – Anatomy of A Murder

A profoundly influential film, and its impact on courtroom dramas, was considered at one point so shocking to audiences. Not to mention the legal issues that came after its eventual release. We take a look at the groundbreaking realistic courtroom drama, Anatomy of A Murder. By the late 1950s, Otto Preminger was an established director […]

How this family built life hack culture

Is there a way to tell from the front? I’m recording. OK. Why don’t we start this off by watching a movie trailer? T-minus: 12. 11. OK, actually first let’s introduce who we are — OK. — and what we’re doing. My name is Phil Edwards. I’m Coleman Lowndes. What we’re doing here is kind […]

Missing Chapter: A new series about hidden histories

Hey everyone, I’m Ranjani, here to announce a new series we’re starting called Missing Chapter! The goal of this series is to tell stories that often don’t make it into our history textbooks — that are overlooked or underreported. Our first season tackles stories of racial injustice, political conflicts, even the hidden history of US […]

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history

One of the biggest myths about the Israel-Palestine conflict is that it’s been going on for centuries, that this is all about ancient religious hatreds. In fact, while religion is involved, the conflict is mostly about two groups of people who claim the same land. And it really only goes back about a century, to […]

The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice

This is an airplane engine. It’s sitting in a field in Bishoftu, Ethiopia— part of the wreckage of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed on March 10, 2019. 157 people died. This was just a few months after another flight, Lion Air 610, crashed in Indonesia and killed 189 people. These two flights were operating […]

The at-home DNA test craze is putting us all at risk

– I’ve always wanted to take one of these at home DNA tests ’cause I wanna learn more about my family’s background and they’re super cheap so I figured why not? – And I have no interest in these tests. I think it’s really creepy for some company to have my private DNA. Either way […]

How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker

On September 19, 1985, a congressional hearing about rock music lyrics captured the nation’s attention. Over the course of 5 hours, a music expert, a reverend, a group of parents, and quite a few deeply horrified politicians publicly reprimanded the music industry for their lack of morals. This is Democratic Sen. Fritz Hollings Hollings: But […]