Josh Charles Reflects on Robin Williams 30 Years After Dead Poets Society

-You know what? I follow you on the Instagrams and the Twitters and stuff. And you posted this. And I kind of was blown away. It is been 30 years since “Dead Poets Society.” -30 years this month. -Is that right? -Yeah. -You were a baby. -I was a little baby. Look at that, it […]


Ok, guys, it’s been like five months and now we have the second intergalactic threat this year. So, those who are going this time are… the Russian girl, Indian boy… Hispanic girl, black dude, Chinese guy and to lead… okay… Lieutenant? Maybe I could go too… Mmm don’t think so. Last time it didn’t work […]

Начало: хиппи из Калифорнии, Носик и лихие 90-е | ХОЛИВАР. ИСТОРИЯ РУНЕТА | №1

CURRENT TIME presents A documentary series by Andrey Loshak INTERNYET A History of the Russian Internet Episode 1 It is hard to believe that this elderly man from a wealthy San Francisco suburb is one of the founding fathers of the Russian Internet. A scholar, a visionary, an idealist, and a businessman, Joel Schatz liked […]

ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD

Can you describe its form? No. Was it carbon-based? I don’t know. Did it communicate with you? It reacted to me. You really have no idea what it was. Did your husband contact you at any point while he was away? No. It was his decision to go in. Why did my husband volunteer for […]

Why do the Elves like Trees? – The Story of the Dead White Tree in Gondor – Tolkien’s Lore in LotR

[As always these subtitles will have some mistakes in them] In my lore video about Aragorn’s bloodline and Númenor I said: I could make a whole video just about those white trees. Well here it is. As always: spoiler warning and I try to pronounce names as Tolkien described it, that also means a lot […]

From Prostitute to Princess to Murderer | Marguerite Alibert

Marguerite Alibert’s is one of gritty survival followed by a lucrative life of sex work. Alibert was a formidable woman who pulled herself up from a world of poverty to mingle among France’s elite, accomplishing her goal of turning affairs into large sums of money in the process. Today, we’re looking at the weird life […]

Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom’s Birth Parents

-You and Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globes the other night, did a great job. -Yeah. Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ] Thanks. -That’s a tough — That is a tough, tough room. I know from experience. -Yeah. -I don’t know if you saw what happened with me. -I recently re-watched it, yeah. -Did you […]

The Raven: Chapter 2 – Ancestry of Lies | Let’s Play #1

Hello hello, I and Mistled and this is The Raven, Legacy of a Master Thief. This is chapter 2 The second out of three chapters. This one is called Ancestry of Lies And I want to go over something first. So when I first thought of this game was that it was for twenty dollars […]

Kung Fu Panda (2008) – The Origin of Tai Lung Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

I thought you said acupuncture would make me feel better. Trust me, it will. It’s just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this… – Fat? – Fur. I was going to say fur. Sure you were. Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size? Look at me. I’m over […]

Oregon man arrested in 1978 cold-case murder of Alaska teen, authorities say

The case of an Alaska teenager who was beaten, raped and dragged from a moving car has been solved using DNA and genetic genealogy, authorities said Thursday Shelley Connolly, 16, was found dead in an embankment along the Seward Highway south of Anchorage on Jan 8, 1978, by a group of people at a roadside pullout taking photographs of […]