When Will The Try Guys Die?

– Is this whole book me? (dramatic drumming) This video is the real one, it’s Fox in the early 2000s, who’s gonna die! We’re gonna spit in a tube, we’re sending to scientist, they’re sending it back, and they’re telling us how we’re gonna get sick. – So, one of you did actually test positive […]

The Try Guys Try Acupuncture

– In past videos, I’ve talked about being sort of nervous around needles, but I think I’m getting over that fear. What- oh, ah! (yelling) (beeping) So I’m just ready to get poked. (electric guitar music) – I’m so excited to announce that the Try Guys have a new family line, you can match your […]

Can Ancestry Tests Bring you Closer to Your Family?

The holidays is meant to bring families together You’re, gonna see relatives maybe you haven’t seen in months in some cases even years it can, be a great time But as we alluded to even yesterday can, also be stressful you? Want to know if you’re really related to that irritating cousin or a quirky […]