Histories and Lore – Roberts Rebellion

VARYS: For 300 years, the Targaryen dynasty ruled Westeros. Wars were still fought. Homes still burned and men still died. But compared to the chaos of what came before, the realm was stable. LITTLEFINGERI And boring. The Targaryens lied, thieved and killed as much as other lords. They just had dragons to answer all complaints. […]

Histories and Lore – House Tully

BLACKFISH: Other houses chose dragons, krakens, and lions for their sigils. We Tullys took the trout, that most terrifying of fish, especially when it leaps out of the water. I suppose you don’t have many options when you live in the Riverlands. Could have been worse. We could have been minnows or wheat. After all, […]

Histories and Lore – The Reach

MARGAERY: The Reach is aptly named. We’re the ones who give your hands something to do at the table. As the most fertile region of the Seven Kingdoms, we grow the lion’s share of the grains and fruit that feed this country. Especially now, since the rebels have burned down the other fields. Thankfully, House […]

Histories and Lore – House Frey

CATELYN: Some houses rise to power through strength. Others, through wealth. House Frey gained its title through cunning. Centuries ago, its founder looked at a map and noticed how the Trident spears the Neck, cutting off the North from the South. He realized that a river of gold would flow to the man who owned […]

Histories and Lore – Wargs And The Sight

BRAN: Growing up, my sister Sansa loved stories with princesses and knights. But I always wanted to be scared. When my turn came, I would ask Old Nan to tell us of magic and monsters. Long ago, when the world was new, the Children of the Forest sang the song of the earth, and the […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 8 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

Game of Thrones – Histories & Lore: The Age of Heroes

(Bran Stark) When Aegon the Conqueror invaded Westeros, he had seven kingdoms to contend with – the Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of the Mountain and the VaIe, the Iron Islands, the Kingdom of the Rock, the Kingdom of the Reach, the StormIands, and Dorne. These regions had been established by the First Men […]

Game of Thrones – Histories and Lore – Season 7 Complete – ENG and TR Subtitles

VARYS: In its time, the Dragonpit was a marvel of the world. Full-grown Targaryen dragons nested beneath its massive dome. And even on the darkest nights, the walls seemed to glow with the fire of the great beasts inside. QYBURN: As had the site’s previous occupant, the Sept of Remembrance. When Maegor the Cruel blasted […]

Histories And Lore – Old Ghis And Slavers Bay

JORAH: Valyria was not the first to conquer the world. In the dawn of days, the city of Ghis opened its gates and poured forth its legions across the continent of Essos. With their lockstep discipline and absolute obedience, they ground entire nations beneath their boots and planted the Harpy in every corner of the […]

Histories and Lore – The Red Keep

JOFFREY: Mine. That’s what the Red Keep is. The smallfolk say its color comes from the blood Aegon spilled to win his crown. (LAUGHS) Fools. Blood doesn’t soak into stone, no matter how hard I try. Aegon built his castle of red rock to remind people of the fires he’d roasted his enemies in. So […]