Danny Dyer Explores His Ties To The English Civil War | Who Do You Think You Are

Danny’s come to meet expert genealogist laura berry who’s agreed to work on his family tree to see if she can help him solve the French mystery so Laura my four-times great-grandfather Charles but Ervin I was led to believe was French well I have done a bit of research as you can see from […]

J.K. Rowling Explores Her French Roots | Who Do You Think You Are

Jo Rowling lives and works in Scotland but can trace her French roots back three generations my mother’s father’s father Louis Volant married an English woman and I know the marriage failed I know something about his war record he was very brave in the First World War I don’t know all the details but […]

Cheryl & Dad Look At The Tweedy History | Who Do You Think You Are

Can you turn it up a little bit? pop star cheryl is a multi-platinum selling artist and performer performin for me has always been a huge part of my life my mother always said to me that I came out of her knowing what I wanted to do and who I was Sheryl rose to […]

Danny Dyer Meets His Dad To Discover Paternal Ancestry | Who Do You Think You Are

Danny is off to meet his father Tony Dyer to find out about his paternal line East Londoners proper geezer, Danny Dyer old school that’s us yeah love your pizza they push that one like we’re at school selfie he’s meeting his dad for a pint in an East End Pub to see what he […]

Against Ancestry

You know that show Who Do You Think You Are? It’s very popular, and will always get renewed. I’m sure it’s pretty interesting, but I can’t bring myself to watch it, because they always give away the answer in the episode’s title. But the gist is: Someone more famous than you researches their ancestors, and […]

SHE’S IN THE NEWS Who is Sophie Raworth? BBC News journalist and The Centenary Of The Royal Air Forc

SOPHIE Raworth is a journalist reporter who has worked with the BBC for the past 25 years  But what we do know about the news presenter? Here’s the lowdown. Who is Sophie Raworth? What’s her background?  Born on May 15, 1968, Sophie Raworth is a 50-year-old television presenter who is best known for her work […]

Shirley Ballas Uncovers African Heritage | Who Do You Think You Are

How are you doing oh my goodness you look great what every good thank you Santa Barbara I’m hoping that you can shed some light on my heritage from my father’s side I do remember my grandma and don’t remember too much about my grandfather well this is your grandma and grandfather Nelly and George […]

Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

Hi! I’m Lozzy I sent off for an Ancestry DNA test a few weeks ago now and I just found out that the results are in so I thought I’d do a video I’m excited but I’m also really scared…? I don’t know why; really nervous So what we do know of my family history […]

Cheryl Learns Of Ancestors Shipwreck Horror | Who Do You Think You Are

When I first started off researching a girl John what I was finding out that he you know you lived in a poor area and he wasn’t really in a good a good way for his wife and having a young baby so I was a bit concerned about that and and what happened thereafter […]

Your Family Tree Magazine’s Editor interviewed

Hi, So I’m with Adam from Your Family Tree Magazine Got to get that right! Okay and what’s…what’s coming up next few months Well this magazine obviously there’s World War I centenary is the big event we’ve always been quite good at getting the World War I content into the magazine this year we have […]