Cheryl Finds Lost Photo Of Mariner Ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are

she wants to know more about her seafaring ancestors. she’s come to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to meet Carolyn ball who runs the archives hi sir I was wondering if you could help me abate rocket rife and I brought over this family tree which is basically the moment all I have okay and […]

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Exposes Great Grandfathers Secret Family! | Who Do You Think You Are

So today I am hoping to find some clarity to the situation I’m not gonna call it everything else right now with my great-grandfather Jesse upper cue I’m meeting with criminal justice historian David Walcott who’s asked an archivist to pull some documents about the murder I really want to know if my great-grandfather actually […]

Danny Dyer & Family Try Tudor Dancing | Who Do You Think You Are

I’ve invited my family along, my wife Joe and my kids Danny Sonny and Artie yes you look incredible you look wicked bad that is not shiny look a biscuit look at the Queen Carl look you what are you some sort of an evil queen I’m in character she’s gone from bikini quickly this […]

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson Discovers Dark Past | Who Do You Think You Are

So I just like to come please them too info equal pieces so that when they grow stupidly Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a celebrated actor on stage and screen but it’s his current role as Mitchell Pritchett on the highly acclaimed sitcom Modern Family that launched him into the spotlight and earned him four Emmy […]

Lee Mack Discovers World War 1 Comedy Roots | Who Do You Think You Are

Oh he’s meeting military historian and soldier dr. Paul Knight the winter 1915 into 1916 nothing particularly biggest happening for the battalion that your great-grandfather’s part of and then the move down to peer and they’re moving down here ready for the big push this is the first of July 1916 this is the first […]

GBBO’s Paul Hollywood Traces Family To West Scotland | Who Do You Think You Are

All has come to the highlands to find out about Kenneth’s father Donald Mackenzie I’ve travel around Scotland a lot but the furthest north of them have been open since today was Aberdeen now I’m considerably more north through the northern I’ve ever been in my entire life look at quiet we’ve gotta be kidding […]

Olivia Colman Gets Emotional Learning About Indian Ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are

After her first husband’s death in 1833 harriet fades from official records for a number of years her life as a young widow in India left little trace to try to pick up her story again olivia has come to st. John’s Church in the center of Calcutta she’s meeting professor rashanna Chakraborty amazing thanks […]

Jack Whitehall Uncovers Controversial Ancestor | Who Do You Think You Are

to find out how Thomas Jones Phillips was regarded in his hometown Jack Whitehall and Michael are visiting Newports John frost school named after their ancestors neighbor they’re meeting local historian Rianne Jones singing the school’s choir keep John Frost’s legacy alive so we saw referenced John Frost in a letter that my ancestor wrote […]

Marvin Humes Shocking Slave Owner History | Who Do You Think You Are

Marvin has arranged to meet up again with Dockery, who used to work the land there your your Jana man to show me where comfortable yeah yeah that one yes bumpy road yeah left turn to the left here left turn here uncle is that these are the gates of comfort Hall yeah yeah this […]

Danny Discovers Dark Family Secret | Who Do You Think You Are

Danny is going to search the criminal records, to see if he can find any trace of Maryann but event after she came out of the workhouse oh if you buy you a cup of tea you know thank God clue what’s gonna come up hopefully nothing and there’s no crime involved search all records […]