Planting Family Trees with Frank Binkley | WWF-Australia

We bought the farm which is about 90 acres about 30 years ago and had it, and been running beef cattle and watching weeds grow and watching camphors grow, and I thought ‘there’s got to be a better use for that bit of land,’so I thought, ‘well what about planting koala trees?’There was an opportunity […]

How Are Animals Related? – The Family Tree of Life

Animals come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. From dogs to dolphins to caterpillars. And I think we know that some of them are more closely related than others. But how do we figure that out, and how do we know that they are relatives? Let’s look at how we figure out the great […]

Easy Life with Smart Technology : Ep. 3 Meerkat Family

You’re watching the future unfold. Autonomous-driving to your scheduled destination. Dad, Dad! Where are we going? Oh, oh! Honey, did you make the dinner reservation? Wait, wait! I’ll check. Look, look! There’s a school close by. Oh, oh! You’re right! Look, look! It’s a little boy crossing. Oh, oh! Hi, hello! Heavy rain and winds […]

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

you think that with the beautiful photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to […]

Vine Snake Up a Tree | Snake City

Human Origins 101 | National Geographic

– [Narrator] Millions of years before industry, agriculture and civilization the world stage was set for one creature’s unprecedented rise. The story of humanity’s evolution began about seven million years ago when the human lineage broke away from that of chimpanzees. Over time an ensemble cast of over 20 early humans species or hominins came […]

Turret Spiders Launch Sneak Attacks From Tiny Towers | Deep Look

The world is a very different place when darkness falls. Most of us head for home … for cover. Because as the shadows creep in, they hide things … Frightful things … What is that? That little tower? Look, there’s another one. They blend in so well. That was a California turret spider. Its lair […]

The Double-Crossing Ants to Whom Friendship Means Nothing | Deep Look

The Peruvian Amazon rainforest is bursting with life, but it’s a hard place to make a living, especially when you’re small. Competition… is fierce. Violence and betrayal are everywhere. Up here, in the canopy? These trees have made it. Lots of leaves. Plenty of sunlight. But down here, on the forest floor, it’s another story. […]

The Journey of Your Past | National Geographic

So what’s the science we used to study the ancient migratory paths of your Ancestors? It’s something called population genetics, and it helps us to piece together how humans populated the earth. Here’s how it works. Historically people close to each other tended to share more of those genetic markers – the little DNA typos […]

Where Are the Ants Carrying All Those Leaves? | Deep Look

We’re looking at some of the world’s earliest and most competent farmers. These leafcutter ants make humans look like newbies. We’ve been farming for 12,000 years. Ants have been doing it for 60 million. We developed plows and shovels. Ants use their own bodies. Their mandibles are shears that cut through leaves with incredible efficiency. […]