What to do with your Scanned Collection?

What to do with your scanned collection? You have finally scanned your entire collection. Newspapers, Books, Manuscripts and Art. Now instead of a pile of papers you have a pile of files. How can you organize, search through them and view scanned images quickly from anywhere in the world? MediaINFO is offering a quick and […]

You Are This Aliveness –nondual satsang by Adyashanti lineage teacher Jon Bernie

Jon Bernie: I think “being here” should be more highly rated. Being somewhere else is usually what’s rated highly. Being somewhere else, being someone else, having something else–those are all things that are rated highly. It’s very radical to think that you might actually be complete right now. It’s really…it’s…un-American. [laughter] What would happen to […]

Finding repositories for probate records

Probate documents can be goldmines for genealogical research, but few documents are both digitized and digitally indexed, so expect to put in some real effort to find these. In this video, I’ll cover the prep work you’ll need to do to find a repository for probate records. I’ll cover finding documents in a second video. […]

Non-Probate Transfers in California Estate Planning – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hi everybody! It’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York. In this video, I’m going to go over a California estate law planning technique called a Non-Probate Transfer. Specifically, I’m going to talk about a non-probate transfer called […]

Admin Tools: Creating Cataloging Screens

Welcome to this Shared Shelf Admin Tools video. In this video, we’ll learn how to build custom cataloging screens. With the Shared Shelf Admin Tools, you’re able to build multiple cataloging screens to meet your cataloging workflow needs. To manage your cataloging screens, select the project you want to work with, and then click on […]

100 Layers Challenge vs An Actual Firefighter!

this is 100 layers we are going to be going through a hundred layers now Marco here it’s going to be going through things he does on the job on the regular basis narwhals not that’s it that’s it let’s use that for sure absolutely wait what we’re gonna call it the piercer thank you […]

Airtable Tutorial for Cataloging Stamps, Dies & Stencils

Hey everybody! For my last video of the year I wanted to talk to you about how I catalog and organize my stamps and dies. I have three sets of envelopes and bins: small for small stamp sets, large for large stamps and stencils and then a medium one for standalone dies. This is the […]

Bulk Cataloging in Shared Shelf

Welcome to this Shared Shelf tutorial covering how to bulk catalog your Shared Shelf records. In this video, we’ll discuss using Excel and the Master Record to edit multiple Share Shelf records. Let’s start with bulk editing within Shared Shelf. There are two ways to edit multiple records entirely within Shared Shelf. The first is […]

Gazpacho – Choir of Ancestors

In the long line behind us of the fallen dominos Are the faceless men and women All the lives you will never know In the darkest nights I live through Hear them whisper in my dreams “We are the oak of a thousand branches and the roots have dug so deep” Hold on through your […]

Strengths-based Approaches to Working with Grandfamilies

Hello! My name is Dr. Christine Fruhauf and on behalf of my colleague, Dr. Lori Yancura and our entire team from Colorado State University and the University or Hawai’i at Manoa, I would like to welcome you to our first webinar of the GRANDcares project. Lori please say hello. Aloha! Welcome to the webinar. We’re […]