Author Tara Westover’s Incredible Story About Leaving Her Strict Survivalist Family

I read this book because Michelle Obama told me to read it. I asked her what she was reading, and she told me, Educated. And I– I listened. I drive a lot, so I listened to it on audio book. And I didn’t want to get out of my car. I mean, it’s a memoir. […]

CS50 2018 – Lecture 4 – Data Structures

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID J. MALAN: All right, this is CS50 and this is a lecture four. So we’re here in beautiful Lowell Lecture Hall and Sanders is in use today. And we’re joined by some friends that will soon be clear and present in just a moment. But before then, recall that last time we […]

Introduction to Business, Government, and Society

>>Hello. Welcome to the business responsibilities in society course. My name is Duncan Pelly, and I’ll be your instructor over the next 15 lessons. In my very biased opinion, this is one of the most interesting courses that you’ll have during your university career because it has just a little bit of something for everyone. […]

Woman Found Potential Father Through DNA Testing (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. -Hello, Your Honor. -Hello. This is a case of Luttrell v. Leaks.Thank you so much, Jerome. Good day everyone. [audience] Good day. Ms. Luttrell, you filed your case because you say after a lifetime of confusion of not knowing who your biological father is and receiving no help from your mother, […]

ADIVINACIÓN 🔮, ASTROLOGÍA, Mentalismo y Efecto FORER 🧙‍♀️ – Otro F**kin’ Vlog – Episodio 13

Ok! Picture this. I’m having a hard time. Emotionally, economically, professionally. I am really discouraged and to wrap it all up, I recently lost a family member. I am advised to consult with one of these people of mysterious professions and when I go, just as he sees me and without mediating another word he […]

2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair Session 1: Exploring History Hub for Genealogists and Researchers

>>Good morning. My name is Vernon Smith, Research Services Workplace Culture and Training Manager. You just heard from Archivist of the United States David Ferriero. I also welcome you to our 2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair! Before we begin with our six sessions, I have three helpful tips on how to participate with chat, and access […]

Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Hi there, my name is Amrita, I’m also known as a Frugalista and the creator of Pretty Frugal Living.  Please head over to my channel and subscribe if you want to see some high flair and low cost ideas for living pretty.  Now I’m really excited to partner with Kin Community for this eat cheap […]

Animal Finger Family from Steve and Maggie | Magic Speaking Learning Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Yeah! Oh, he-he-heeey! Oh ha-ha-ha. Red finger, red finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am. Oh, how do you do? Hello boys and girls, I’m doing some finger painting! Come on, hey! Oh, hey! I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you try to guess what […]

The Gymnastics Challenge (Family Edition) | Funny Brooklyn and Bailey Challenges

Woah! Hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey! And today we are doing the family gymnastics challenge Which honestly I am so excited for because it’s gonna be really funny. I can’t wait to see my dad do gymnastics. Just what a comic relief trying to watch him do that. But before we go onto the […]


I thought it would be a good idea to let Ever help me with the Christmas Tree decorations. “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” “We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.” Show mommy what you found. Did you put that ball on? Good job. We’re going to put that one on […]