Crusader Kings: 2.0 Review | You can (Not) Afford | Family Edition™

Hey, hey people. SSeth here. Today, I’ll be covering a game which really tests the limits of my A.D.D. medication. A game where you can grow an empire, watch it prosper, only to stub your toe, die from an infection, and watch your empire dissolve, because you have no idea how inheritance works. Catch cancer. […]

Healing & Beyond With Your Guardian Angel | Powerful Guided Meditation

Find a space that is quiet and comfortable. Begin your settling into this present moment by tuning into the tone of my voice and my words. Whether you are choosing to sit up or to lie down – relax all the muscles in your body and let your body to just simply rest; to gradually […]

Mobile Banking App | Nationwide Building Society

We launched our first mobile banking app for iOS and Android back in 2012. Since then we’ve listened to your feedback and continually improved and refined it. A lot’s changed in those four years. Now, we’re proud to announce a completely new app, shaped by your feedback and designed from the ground up to help […]

What Your Family History Can’t Tell You

Thanks to the National Institutes of Health’s National Human Genome Research Institute for supporting this episode of SciShow. [♪ INTRO] The first time you visit a new doctor, they’ll probably ask about your family history. Everything from heart disease to certain cancers to type 2 diabetes—if one of your close relatives has had it, they […]

Football DNA — Robert Pires

I will present you today with your DNA results. That’s me? Iberian: 48.5%. 38% Italian? It’s a lot! 4.2% Irish, Scottish and Welsh. 2% English. Your Portuguese ancestors are mostly from a region called São João da Ribeira. So, in fact, all your ancestors in the area got married, were baptized and married in the […]

Community Tree Planting Program- the benefits of street trees

The City of Stirling is committed to increasing the number of street trees with your help, cooling your community and improving your environment. People living in ‘greener’ communities spend more time outside, know their neighbours better and have stronger feelings of belonging. Plus research shows that shaded streets increase property values by over $16 000. […]

Kate Linn – Your Love (by Monoir) [Official Video]

Counting stars, And my home was Where you were. Washed away, All the love of Yesterday. When you came around All my walls just broke down What a treasure i’ve found Night by night we grew Nothing that i could do My heart melted for you. Your love, your love, your love, Loving every moment […]

Football DNA — Clarence Seedorf

Let’s go to the results. Yeah, let’s see it. Okay, 80% African, yes. Sweden, Norway, no idea. Italy, that is curious. Your late grandfather, Frederick, lived in a boarding school in Paramaribo. This is a picture of the boarding school, and your grandfather is on this picture. Nice! The roots of your family lie in […]

How To Start a Club or Society

Hey guys welcome back to your TV I’m Layla. Gabe I’m and. Wait, what? Mean do you what? Are you talking backwards? Yeah, but no one wants to do it with me. Me is woe. Well, maybe you should start a club or society at the University. Let’s find out how. the first thing you […]

Apashe – Majesty (feat. Wasiu) || Trap Music

I’m the shit, use your throne as my toilet seat I demand the king’s ransom for royalties I deserve a mansion, I’m royalty Address me your majesty To form a new dynasty The old one was dying, see? I am your highness, please Address me your majesty Instant classic, that’s classical gold art Urban blacksmith; […]