How To Grow a Community and Mobilize them for Action!

MAFIA Game – (Back To School Edition) / That YouTub3 Family

Dota – We, the Community (Documentary, ENG & RU subtitles)

We were pioneers… We were unique… We were restless pursuers of our dreams… It was the year 2002, when Blizzard Entertainment released the strategy game Warcraft 3 along with a powerful editing tool that would allow players to create their own custom modifications. What started out as one game, turned into thousands. But it was […]

Curious Droid YouTube Community Translations for Subtitles-closed captions, titles and descriptions

Along with the replies to my last video with the curious droid announcements which I would like to thank you all for, if you did actually reply I am working my way through the things. I have now enabled the community contributions on all the curious droid videos both past and going forward from here. […]

You Ask, I Answer: Social Media Community Manager Metrics and KPIs?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Jessica asks, I have some community managers on my team and I want to set some KPIs for them in 2020. What are good objectives for your community management team outside of response time? So response time, response time sounds like it’s a customer service measure more than is community […]

How to set up and manage a YouTube family plan | YouTube Premium

Hi, I’m going to show you how to set up a YouTube family plan. This will let you share your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership with up to 5 other members in your household. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start. If you already have a family plan […]

An overview of YouTube TV family plans | US only

In this video, we’ll give you an overview of family groups in YouTube TV. You can use a family group to share YouTube TV with up to 5 other people living in the same household at no additional cost. Here’s how it works. One person in the family acts as the “Family manager.” The family […]

Creating with Common Sense: YouTube Community Guidelines

If you create content for YouTube it’s important to understand our Community Guidelines. Common-sense rules that anyone using YouTube needs to follow to keep their videos and account in good standing. If these aren’t followed, content may be flagged by the community and after review, could be removed, age-gated or possibly have features restricted on […]

Weird City – Ep 2 “A Family”

(electronic music) (clearing throat) – Pretty soon, I was drinking PEJ all day long. I’d take a bottle to bed with me at night. Next day, I’d have a purple mattress from pissing PEJ in the middle of the night. When I finally admitted I was powerless over PEJ, things changed. Sure, I still fantasize […]