ANCESTRY AND DEC Ant and Dec have revived plans for a Who Do You Think You Are? style show discoveri

IT’S become one of the most anticipated shows on TV – and now Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey will finally air later this year  The programme sees Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly and delve into their family trees in a Who Do You Think You Are?-style programme for ITV  The show has been in the […]

SHE’S IN THE NEWS Who is Sophie Raworth? BBC News journalist and The Centenary Of The Royal Air Forc

SOPHIE Raworth is a journalist reporter who has worked with the BBC for the past 25 years  But what we do know about the news presenter? Here’s the lowdown. Who is Sophie Raworth? What’s her background?  Born on May 15, 1968, Sophie Raworth is a 50-year-old television presenter who is best known for her work […]

Adam Ruins Everything – Most Controversial Ruins (Mashup) | truTV

increase the number of illegal immigrants in America. What? How could it possibly? Here, I’ll show you. Just building a wall would be practically impossible. This is where it would be. (dog squeals) It would have to stretch over 2,000 miles of rough terrain… cutting through mountains, rivers, villages and even people’s homes. And all […]

Woman Fighting Leukemia Welcomes Twins Just Weeks After Making Plea to Find Bone Marrow Match – News

 A week after Susie Rabaca announced she had found a perfect bone marrow match, the Southern California mother has welcomed twins  Rabaca, 36, gave birth to a boy and a girl named Rainy and Ryan on Thursday, according to Fox 11 Her family told the news outlet that both Rabaca and babies were doing well. Get […]

Cafe Society & Cafe Society Soundtrack: A Cafe Society Songs Inspired Jazz & Jazz Music Album

Title: Cafe Society & Cafe Society Soundtrack: A Cafe Society Songs Inspired Jazz & Jazz Music Album

Learn Genealogy – Curiosity – Episode 1

Hey welcome to genealogy TV. I am so glad you’re here. This is our first episode of what will be a weekly series on genealogy for all levels, beginning to advanced. We’re gonna do a weekly learning series and interviews for advanced genealogists and we’ll actually genealogists of all types. So I’m glad you’re here. […]

Diddy’s Family Tree: All His Kids, Lovers, Ex-Girlfriends & More Explained – News Today

Diddy and Kim Porter, who shockingly passed away on Nov. 15, raised four kids together before their split We’ve got all the details on the rapper’s other two children and a timeline of his love life!    Diddy, 49, and his family are going through an incredibly tough time after the shocking death of his […]