University of Iowa cataloging 4,000 tiny literary jewels

Only a mouse could curl up with one of these at night teeny-weeny tomes miniature books and grad student Bethany Klunder is cataloging them do your eyes ever get tired yeah especially with the really tiny ones the University of Iowa has anything but a pint-sized collection four thousand all measuring three inches or less […]

Lowest Common Ancestor Binary Tree

Hello friends my name is Tushar and today I’m going to talk about how to find lowest common ancestor in a binary tree. Again we’re talking about a binary tree not a binary search tree. So, for example this is the binary tree I have and I’ve two nodes,so for example 2 and 8,then what […]

리니지 잊섬 12 포효의 이도류 엄청난 대미지 리니지 Lineage information and tip 오림서버 이예진

W M Williams on ‘Kinship and the Wider Family in Wales’

“My grandparents, my grandfather was a coal miner and steelworker. My father died when I was very young, and my mother went into the Civil Service and became Manager of the Labour Exchange, which was remarkable – I didn’t realise, at the time, that it was quite remarkable for a woman to become a Manager […]

NZ Cemeteries Heritage Week: Locating your ancestors through burial records

Okay, what’s this talk all about? It’s about the importance of the 1882 Cemeteries Act And I just want to share with you why I think that’s so important to just understanding why you may well have difficulties trying to find an ancestor back in the mid to late 19th Centruy It’s because that Act […]

Fostering Together Part 3

– The first thing I want to do is say a special thank you to Jill Mutcheson, she’s there and she has helped put this together. Fostering Together is hosting this and it’s part of a series that we’ve done. We’ve done two so far, we’re gonna do tonight and then one more. The last […]


Mastering Sales for Coaches and Entrepreneurs – Yager Training Community

Hey everyone Hey, Happy Wednesday, getting over the hump. So last Monday, we were talking about finding the wisdom of the year. So going over your entire year and finding those nuggets of gold, those learning moments of some of your challenges and also your wins as well. So one of our learnings is that […]

1,226 Leprosy Colonies Visited and Cared for in 2018

In 2018, GFA supported workers were able to minister to over 1,200 leprosy colonies in Asia. I was really impacted by a story that I’ve heard about one of our GFA workers in the leprosy colony. Her name is Sakshi, she actually was diagnosed with leprosy when she was just a teenager. When people are […]