Mastering Sales for Coaches and Entrepreneurs – Yager Training Community

Hey everyone Hey, Happy Wednesday, getting over the hump. So last Monday, we were talking about finding the wisdom of the year. So going over your entire year and finding those nuggets of gold, those learning moments of some of your challenges and also your wins as well. So one of our learnings is that […]

1,226 Leprosy Colonies Visited and Cared for in 2018

In 2018, GFA supported workers were able to minister to over 1,200 leprosy colonies in Asia. I was really impacted by a story that I’ve heard about one of our GFA workers in the leprosy colony. Her name is Sakshi, she actually was diagnosed with leprosy when she was just a teenager. When people are […]


ENGLISH VOCABULARY – Family Vocabulary! This Vocabulary Builder teaches you all about family

Full History Nodes – EOS Community Unconference 2019

so the problem that we are facing. Again, it’s full history nodes. So as you know, there is no native support from block one as well it’s deprecated and well, our company’s approaching with many developers and somebody that is new to eos, and the problem is that tried to obtain some full history and […]

Every Body Active: Squash session with Orchardville society

Today is done through Belfast City Council with Every Body Active, were basically bringing short squash to the guys that are taking part. It means then we can deliver to more people around Belfast and it means we are taking it to them rather than them having to spend time and money getting to us. […]