Celebrating God’s blessings on Bible Society work

Scripture tells us to remember how the Lord your God has blessed you in everything that you have done. As we look back at some of the fruits of our work together since 2010, we give thanks to God for his blessings and for the partners, donors, volunteers and prayer supporters, who have worked alongside […]

Tomas Venclova – Feeling isolated from society (45/88)

I have to say all of that is connected with Paris where we are now, because Ginzburg died in Paris and Gorbanevskaya still lives in Paris… My father was still alive at that time but he died a little later of heart disease, leaving my mother and me. And all of a sudden things started […]

Binary tree traversal: Preorder, Inorder, Postorder

In our previous lesson, we talked about level order traversal of binary tree which is basically breadth-first traversal. Now in this lesson we are going to discuss these three depth-first algorithms pre-order, in-order and postorder. I have drawn a binary tree here datatype filled in the nodes is character now as we had discussed in […]

Francois & Cooks from “The Burlesque Opera Tabasco”

Tin tan, tin tan, patty pan, pan pan, let’s keep our fires aglow, for man must eat and ‘tis heaven sends meat, but the cooks are from below. Ho, ho, the cooks are from below. Tin tan, tin tan, tin tan … For I’m a chef of high degree, with the biggest sort of a […]

Toshera shares her Family Tree Clinic experience

you’re gonna check out your body this is the only body that we have and and and the body contains mental health all parts of us and being able to talk to people the way you’re treated when you come in to the visit all those things play a role so that’s the message that […]

8 Common Characteristics of a Dysfunctional Family

Families are supposed to be the people you can lean on during tough times. At the end of the day, you know you can rely on them, and that they’ll love you even through thick and thin. But what about those of us who come from dysfunctional families? And are the signs always clear and […]

the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peer Pie Society (2018) 根西島文學佐洋芋皮派讀書會 預告片

Ron shares his Family Tree Clinic experience

The comfort level. I feel safe. You know, the support. The system that’s here. It’s like home. It’s like going home to see your family. And there’s no barriers. You know. And that goes with ah, feeling safe with the interpreters. They provide a lot of accommodations for me being Deaf and low vision. You […]

John’s story on helping modern society become independent of fossil fuels

Modern society has become dependent upon energy. We have to learn to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, so that we can be sustained by the energy from the sun, but you need to be able to store it. The battery is one of the best ways to store electric power efficiently. I knew I […]