Roger Federer is no more! Federer tweets hilarious surname change after Andy Murray match

Roger Federer is no more! Federer tweets hilarious surname change after Andy Murray match Federer beat Murray 6-3 3-6 10-6 defeat in an exhibition match in Glasgow in his first visit to the country.   The Swiss legend, 36, was given Irn Bru and some of Murrays grannys homemade shortcake ahead of the game.   […]

Someone Looked up Schumer’s Last Name on Ancestry com, Made Shocking Discovery

File this one under the category of “shocking, but not surprising” — Chuck Schumer’s last name means exactly what you think it does. The Senate minority leader has been in Congress for more than two decades, while traces its roots to the very non-digital year of 1984. In spite of this, no one bothered […]

Wang Dongling Demonstrates His Dynamic Calligraphy Style at Asia Society New York

I was born and raised in a small village. As I was growing up, China went through the Cultural Revolution and later implemented the reform and opening policy in 1979. After 1979, China opened its doors, we were able to see many new things introduced to the country. Therefore I had the opportunity to study […]

Welcome & Update: Free UK Genealogy Open Data Conference

On behalf of all the trustees for Free UK genealogy. We welcome you today, fellow volunteers, key personnel and other guests interested in family history, heritage and publicly available records. I am Camilla von Massenbach, the chairman and I would like to make some introductions – put some faces to some names. So I guess […]

Dr Maurice Mizrahi – The ancestry of the Jewish Messiah (Vayeshev)

Hello. As I am sure you’ve heard before, “The Lord works in mysterious ways”. Case in point: This week’s Torah portion, Vayeshev. The portion is about Joseph. Joseph and his multicolored coat, Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph rising to prominence in his master’s house, Joseph nearly seduced by his master’s wife, Joseph […]

Beginning To Take Selfies – Colin Surname (Becoming More Like Alfie, The Divine Comedy parody)

Hey. Look at my face. It’s a face that you’d like to see. Okay: You’ve seen my face, though I hid my disgusting teeth. And my arm is raised up high. It’s an angle that guarantees I’ll minimise my baggy eyes. Now I’ll gurn like I’m still 14. Take pictures! Everybody knows they’re perfect 10s, […]

Genetic & Ancestry Tests – What You Need To Know Before Mailing The Kit In

Hello and welcome back to Health & Human Rights Strategies YouTube channel. I’m the founder and president of HHR Nicole Fisher. Today, we wanted to talk about a very popular holiday gift that’s also been making some headlines: genetic tests or at-home ancestry tests. Now on one hand, these tests are a huge victory for […]

Game of Thrones characters’ family tree: How is Jon Snow related to Daenerys Targaryen?

Game of Thrones characters’ family tree: How is Jon Snow related to Daenerys Targaryen? The hit fantasy drama returns on Sunday July 17, a full year after the reveal that Jon Snow is not the illegitimate child of Ned Stark, but rather the son of Ned’s sister Lyanna. In the season six finale, Jon’s supposed […]

Grass Types (Pokémon parody song) (Weezer – Hash Pipe) – Colin Surname

[!] It’s time for a battle now, yeah, I’ll take you on. I’ll win even only using Grass Pokémon. I’ll keep Giga Draining so the battle is long, Or one-hit your whole team when the sunlight is strong. Go! Breloom and Shiftry. Foes… Try and predict me. (Bulbasaur) I’ll throw a Leech Seed. (Ivysaur) Maybe […]

Box of Islam by Hamed Abdel Samad (English) – The Genealogy of Mohammad – Ep 09 – (1-2)

Welcome to the ninth episode of the “Box of Islam” series. Today, the box contains something that’s worrying to some extent. and I admit to you before hand, that the topic is delicate and uncomfortable. We’ll talk today about the issues regarding the lineage of Mohammad I’d like to say right in the beginning of […]