The Birth of Jesus – Gospel of Luke Ch. 1-2

The Birth of Jesus – Gospel of Luke Ch. 1-2

The Gospel of Luke Luke investigated many of the earliest eyewitnesses of the life of Jesus and then composed this account. And the story begins up in the hills of Jerusalem. The place where Israel’s ancient prophets said that God himself would come one day to establish His Kingdom over all the earth. In this city is the temple run by the priests and one of them, named Zacharias, was working in the temple when he had a vision that freaks him out. An angel appears and says that he and his wife will have a son. What’s this all about? Well Zacharias and his wife were told are very old. They’ve never been able to have children. And Luke’s setting up a parallel here, with Abraham and Sarah, the great ancestors of Israel because they too were very old and could never have kids. Yet God gave them a son – Isaac which is how the whole story of Israel began. And so Luke’s implying here that God’s about to do something that significant for this people, once again. The angel tells Zacharias to name the son John and then he says that this son’s going to fulfill a promise of Israel’s ancient prophets that somebody would come one day to prepare Israel to meet their God when He arrived to rule in Jerusalem because right now, Jerusalem is ruled by the Romans. Yes, specifically, it’s governed by a man named Herod who’s a puppet king under the Roman Empire. And so the Jewish people wanted nothing more than to be free and govern themselves in their own land. So this is shocking news. Everything’s going to change. God’s on His way. But how is he going to arrive? Well to find out, Luke takes us out of Jerusalem and then up into a a small town in the hills of an out of the way region called Galilee. There we find a young woman named Mariam or we call her, Mary. She was engaged to be married and then an angel appears to Mary saying that she’s going to have a son. She’s supposed to name Him, Jesus, which in Hebrew means, the Lord saves. And He will be a King like David who will rule over God’s people forever. And then Mary asks, “Okay, well, how is this possible because I’m a virgin?” And she’s told that the same Holy Spirit that brought life and light out of darkness in Genesis, Chapter 1, is going to generate life inside her womb. God is about to bind Himself to humanity through the conception and the birth of the Messiah. And so Mary, goes from some back woods no name girl to the future mother of the King. Exactly. In fact, sings a song about how this reversal of her own social status points to a greater upheaval to come. Through her Son, God’s going to bring down rulers from their thrones and exalt the poor and the humble. He’s going to turn the whole world order upside down. So, when Mary was really pregnant, she and her fiancé, Jospeh, had to go down to Bethlehem. There was a decree across the Roman Empire about new taxes. And so everybody had to go get registered in the town of their family line. There was so many visitors in Bethlehem. They can’t find a guest room. And so the only place they can find, is a spot where animals sleep. Now, nearby, were some shepherds with their flocks. And an angel appears, which, of course, freaks them out. But, they’re to celebrate because tonight in Bethlehem, a Savior has been born. They’re told to go and find this baby. And they’ll know that it’s the Messiah because He’s going to be wrapped up and laying in a grimy feeding trough. Then these shepherds, who aren’t very clean themselves, they go and find the newborn Jesus, in this really dingy place and their minds are blown. They go home wondering, ‘What on Earth is about to happen?’ And this is all really strange. I mean, if God’s really coming to save the world, this isn’t how you would expect Him to arrive. Born in an animal shelter to a teenage girl, celebrated by no-name shepherds. Exactly! I mean, everything is backwards in Luke’s story and that’s the point. He is showing how God’s Kingdom was first revealed in these dirty places, among the poor because Jesus is here to bring salvation by turning our world order upside down.

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  • I put this video and book of the Bible and it's chapters into all of my prayers, subjects and stipulations in Jesus name amen.

  • Lucifer appears spiritually at Jesus’ Crib

    Lucifer: You’ll regret doing this God, you will farther! You will!

    God: I don’t think so!

    Jesus: Cries And be’s adorable

  • How was Christ created in the womb of His mother Mary.

    62 Nevertheless, I would that ye should know a few more things concerning that which ye have already before you. For there are some things that have given a cause of contention among you; yea, even trivial things concerning the account that hath been written by the Jews in the Bible.

    63 And I have been given a commandment to clear up these arguments so that ye might know the truth regarding these things, and that there might be no further contention among you.

    64 And the first of these contentions is the manner in which the Father gave his seed, or the instructions for the body of Jesus to be created within the womb of Mary.

    65 For there are many of you who have argued that the Father had sexual intercourse with his daughter, and in incest brought forth His son.

    66 Now, this hath come among you from unwise stewards of the accounts which ye have been given. For the Father would do no such thing unto one of his daughters. And there is no God in the heavens that would do such a thing.

    67 And the record that you find already among you should read: And Mary was wrought upon by the Holy Ghost. And through the power that had been given by the Father to those in authority in the spirit world, the body of Jesus was created within the womb of Mary.

    68 And now, I, Moroni, shall give unto you a brief explanation of these things. For behold, power hath been given unto matter that is spiritual to command, from time to time, matter that is of the flesh. And with this very same type of power can we command the functions of our flesh by the power of our spirit.

    69 And when our spirit maketh its commands on our flesh, the flesh obeyeth these commands, having received them by that which is spiritual.
    70 And if we, who have very limited knowledge at this time, can command the flesh and it obeyeth our commands, then why do ye think that those in authority in the spirit world cannot command the flesh according to the power and the knowledge that they have been given by the Father?

    71 And it was Jehovah, who was the main authority in the spirit world, who commanded the elements of the body of Mary to be patterned after the elements of his own spirit, which spirit was in the exact likeness of the Father. And with his command, Mary did conceive.
    Here, it was Christ who commanded the body of Mary to create His body since He, at this time, was the Holy Ghost or the leader of the Spirit world.

    When is a spirit enter into the body of a child, while in the womb or when it exited out of the womb.
    1st explanation:

    72 And also ye have confused yourselves about the time that a spirit entereth the body of flesh and is confined therein until the end of the days of probation of that soul. For it is written among you: And it came to pass, that, when Elizabeth heard the salutations of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.

    73 And now, ye think that this meaneth that the spirit of John was already in the body that had been created for him by his earthly parents. But I say unto you, that the spirit doth not enter the body, except it be when the body exiteth the womb and taketh its first breath.

    74 And the body inside the womb is affected by the emotions and stimulations of its mother. And when Elizabeth was aware that it was Mary who was before her, and that she was with child, then she remembered the things of which she had dreamed, and also those things which had been commanded of her by the angel of God. And by her own emotions, which were caused by the testimony of these things from the Holy Ghost, did the body in her womb react.

    75 And this mystery can be further verified in the record of my father. For the Lord was still in the spirit world the day before he was to come into the world as the son of Mary and Joseph in Jerusalem.

    2nd Explanation:

    75 And this mystery can be further verified in the record of my father. For the Lord was still in the spirit world the day before he was to come into the world as the son of Mary and Joseph in Jerusalem.

    76 Nevertheless, on this continent he spoke unto Nephi, saying: Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfill all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets.

    77 Now, how do ye think the spirit of Jesus could have spoken unto Nephi in the flesh, if it was confined to the body within the womb of Mary on the other side of the earth?

    78 O, ye fools! Why is it that ye shall cause yourselves such contention when the truth is right before you? Why is it that ye cannot find this truth by the ministrations of the same Spirit that can teach you the truth of all things? Is it that ye want that for which ye can contend?

    79 Behold, Jehovah reigned in the spirit world from the beginning, until the time of his birth, according to the time of the flesh. And he instructed Michael, who was Adam, who had died, to rule and reign in that world while he was going through the days of his mortality.

    80 And by the power of his spirit was he conceived; and by the power of the Father was he created.

    81 And on a chosen night near the town of Bethlehem, the Lord, even Jesus the Christ; who is Jehovah, the chosen one of the Father, and unto whom the Father hath given all of His powers and knowledge; yea, on this night entered he into his mortal flesh.

    82 And upon his first breath, his spirit was confined to the flesh that was created within the womb of his mother, Mary.

    83 Behold, I, Moroni give this final testimony of him; even that he came into the world to save us all, thus becoming our Savior. And the heavens rejoiced, even the whole of the spirit world did rejoice, as we all witnessed the birth of our Lord and our King, even Jesus Christ, who is my brother and my friend.

  • Beautiful video thank you! The lord is good and god my Heavenly Father bless all of you he is truly amazing! I love him. I’m counting all my blessing. It’s a truly wonderful experience what I’m going through with the lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father thank you lord for everything you do for us!

  • "Yahweh saves" is a poor translation of the name that is "The son of Yahweh", just as Malchishua son of Saul was "the son of the king"

  • Is Jesus the English translation of yeshua? Or is it the last most common used translation from Immanuel which is Greek to Jesus being latin translation?

  • God to glory to God unto the Age of Ages.
    People really need to let the "upside down" thing sync in. Do some meditation on it, some deep thinking, consideration and then re examine "the world" to get a real perspective on how His ways are truly not "the world's" ways. All that is praised and glorified isn't of the God revealed by Jesus Christ. All the exalted things of the world isn't exalted thru the eyes of the one who counts. God is truly righteous and I love Him for that. Thank you for sharing this awesomeness.

  • Be weary of how "virgin" gets lost in translation. int he original text there is no mention of Mary being a virgin. The idea of gods impregnating mortals is pagan belief and not of the Bible

  • If u are a Boss and u hired someone "KNOWINGLY" that someone was going to RUIN your Creative Business, wouldnt that make it your fault. It would have nothing to do with "freewill", but it would be considered" Reckless, Careless and Dangerous on the part of the Boss's decision. And that my friend would be sad and very BAD! Things that make u go hmm!

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