The Event That Split the Entire Destiny Community in Half – Destiny 2

The Event That Split the Entire Destiny Community in Half – Destiny 2

The footage you just watched is the result
of over 72 hours straight of puzzle solving from hundreds of thousands of people in the
destiny community. This is Niobe Labs, an activity inside of
Destiny 2 from Tuesday, January 8th at 12pm EST 2019. Before we go there, we must first talk about
why the heck this activity garnered so much attention! Bungie tried something brand new, something
completely different from the norm, something that could bring the destiny community together
to solve this massive puzzle, for HUGE rewards! The added weight to this was that Bungie has
just announced their split with Activision only days before this event was set to launch,
a community event for players and fans of Bungie. “Niobe Labs is waiting to be discovered
with a puzzle that needs solving. Once completed by a fireteam, Bergusia, the
final forge, will be unlocked for all.Watch the best and brightest attempt the puzzle”. This got the destiny community ecstatic and
for the purposes of this video, we will focus on Reddits raid secrets page, twitch directory,
and general community feedback. This video is also not to rip on Bungie, say
the game is dumb, etc. This is focused on time piecing one of the
biggest events in Destiny’s history! Let’s begin! Day 1: 12pm est rolls around and everyone
in the community scrambles to find the place of Niobe labs. Reddit user “XK-Recker” finds what he
thinks will be the spot to Niobe Labs and… well it is. This room, at the bottom of the European Dead
Zone on Earth will be the home of players for the next few days as they try to break
one of the most complex puzzles ever put into a video game. Everyone scrambles to this spot and begins
trying to bust out the code as quick as they can, to become the king of clout and unlock
the forge for all players to experience. I want to add even more context as to why
the stakes were so high for this event. Aside from the forge being unlocked, 2 new
exotics were at stake here, the Jotugn, a literal fireball toaster that could track
enemies and become every iron banner players favorite crutch and Izanagi’s Burden, also
known as “if you don’t have it, people on lfg won’t let you raid.” Finally, the conclusion to the story of Ada-1,
one of the most mysterious characters in the game. This context is important to add the weight
of this situation to the forefront and show why people cared enough about this to start
crying with relief when it was beaten. So here it is, day 1 has begun. Players flock to solve the first of 7 puzzles. To even start this puzzle is complex, monitors
appear up top with seemingly gibberish, but it’s actually hints for people to use. To start it, Players had to shoot earth wind
and fire, this is the best solution as September is the best song ever made. Then put in an input of codes that are synonymous
with the black armory seasons lore, some visual queues, and symbols found around the forges
in the game including some secret emblems. Finally enter in
a backwards cypher two spaces back from one
of the starting routes from a forge then it will reveal the solution when you zoom in
with a bow … cool, that is totally fine and respectable…… can’t wait for the
rest of Niobe Labs. So please bring your tinfoil hats to this
party because it’s gonna be wild: Puzzle #1:So to even do Niobe Labs, one player must
have Hammerhead, another the sniper Tartaras Gaze, and finally, someone needs the bow Spiteful
Fang. The reason for this is because you can only
see certain symbols based off of the weapon of choice. Keep that in mind for some future codes. The sequence of codes was found by a bunch
of people pretty fast off the jump, by brute force people were just inputting random words
pertaining to the quote on the monitor, but it was just shoot butterfly. Simple enough right, then after this is done
you fight some difficult enemies and poof, you’re back to puzzle #2. Puzzle 2, 3, and 4 were easy enough, puzzle
4 being my personal favorite where the player literally had to spell out FLY while airborne
shooting hammerhead at the letters, so major props for these rounds. I want to put even more emphasis on how hard
this puzzle is and why the emotions for the puzzles were so strong. Everytime you fail to solve the puzzle you
not only die, you go back to the very beginning and have to start all over. No rally flag, no checkpoints. Factor in all the tough enemies in between
puzzle solving rounds and all the hours of not getting the solution, it is a grind and
it is intense. You get about 30 seconds to solve each puzzle,
or poof you start all over, pretty dang tough! Puzzle 5: Puzzle 5 comes around and OH BOY! This one is just frickin wild, like I mean
WILD. So here’s the solution [Show image] Yup,
you got that right? So basically this sums this one up… [Play Clip] I wish I could understand what’s
going on here everyone and trust me, I tried to do some digging, so if anyone has any explanation
let me know in the comments because ugh, yeah we need it. Puzzle #6:So after puzzle 5 had finally been
solved through the raid secrets community puzzle #6 comes along and BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMM. Yes, puzzle 6 was a wild ride. So, the way this one was supposed to be broken
down was by [fast] breaking down different gemstones as a number cypher from the code
on the very top from left to right, yup you heard me, yes big blue gems mean 3, yellow
big means 4, no slash pink is 8, pink shield slash is 2, etc. Next, because you and everyone else immediately
jumped to this conclusion, you have to punch these numbers into an A1Z26 cipher and decrypt
these numbers as code which of course comes out to say a full message in french! Then when translated to english comes out
to be a large paragraph highlighting a story of the Broceilande forest and the adventures
that took place when in ALL reality all we needed to care about was just the forest! Players were screaming at streamers for hours
to just shoot tree and even when the players tried that solution, the hit registration
was not working on it, so they had the answer very very early on with trees, but because
of this very unfortunate error in the code, a whole extra day of banging their heads on
the tearfully drenched keyboards was spent on this puzzle. Eventually though, the solution was found! Puzzle #7: After many hours spent, 80 hours
into the puzzle, the solution possibilities were getting thinner. Now, just imagine how hard it must have been
to get to this moment, was about to be epic! This image explains the solution well and
although it’s still ridiculously unclear off the get go, after many many hours, days,
and “just shoot trees” later, the puzzle was finally solved! So, what was the reward. Well, we got a pretty cool ghost shell and
an emblem….. Oh and Bungie already released the forge before
they beat it? This part will split the room for most of
you viewing this right now, so I want to be as transparent as possible before giving my
own opinion on the matter. So, day 3 has rolled around, the puzzle was
not solved at this point and Bungie has just made an announcement that they would be opening
the forge later that day for all players to experience without any of the teams beating
this. Bungie said “While coming together as a
community to solve puzzles can be fun, setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new
content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience. As such, we will be decoupling the puzzle
from the final offering of the Black Armory. All Annual Pass owners will be able to experience
the Bergusia Forge when the puzzle is solved or when the deadline expires – whichever happens
first.” This sent the community in one of two ways,
one side was relieved since they felt that since they paid for the content that Bungie
should deliver on the promise of the content. On the other side, players felt robbed because
they spent days staying up trying to break the secret and unlock the prize for everyone
in an event that had brought the entire community together, frustrating or not. My opinion on this is that Bungie should have
let players break the final puzzle to unlock it for everyone instead of giving into demands
of others, I understand and respect why people would want it unlocked because hey, you paid
for that content, but I am also someone who believes that developers should stick to their
vision, so I, like many others, was disappointed by the opening of the forge, before the final
puzzle was beaten. Gladd, Clyde, and Crushty with the help of
raid secrets and other community members and streamers, beat the puzzle, in one of the
most controversial finishes to what otherwise was a rollercoaster of an event. What is the takeaway from all of this? The takeaway is that this event brought the
community together, this got everyone thinking way too far into some things and not into
others. This event to me was overall a success, just
with a poor finale, looking at you Game of Thrones. So, I lend the question to you, the person
who’s watching this. Is this something you’d like to see happen
again? A puzzle event for viewers across the nation
to see and participate in? Or, does this kind of thing does not belong
in the game? Anyways, I’d like to say thank you so much
for watching this video, this one took me a long time to create and I appreciate all
the support that has been given to me on YouTube and on Twitch. The last video of this type is at 700k views
at the moment which is beyond insane and this channel is about to reach 9k subs. From me to you, thank you!

100 thoughts on “The Event That Split the Entire Destiny Community in Half – Destiny 2

  • Screw Bungie…They lock paid activities behind insane puzzles, they fail when it comes to rewarding people for solving those puzzles, they make outrageous tasks for people to do and give them lack luster rewards or none at all. 999 Shattered Throne well you don’t have a reward but hey now your popularity has increased nice job cause you know streamers really struggle with being popular especially the more well known ones. On one hand I’m glad that there was no rewards for the 999 ST quest but at the same time it just shows how Bungie will make people grind endlessly for absolutely no reason to get absolutely nothing.

  • There should be more events like this; exploration is part of a Guardian's job, regardless of whether that's acknowledged officially or not. Guardians will inevitably encounter secrets and puzzles in their exploration. And that will inevitably include ones that no single Guardian or fireteam can finish, without days of work and contemplation, and the assistance of others.

    Obviously, this one was more difficult than intended, but the point stands.

  • I feel that these puzzles are cool, but maybe not to gate off 'essential' content — maybe if there was an armory room in the back that required this puzzle to open, and you just got some really cool god rolls and a super-rare emblem for it that would work, while everyone else gets access to the forge as scheduled.

  • Honestly, not everyone has 16 hours a day to blow on playing games my dude, I play destiny2 casually because I barely get 2 hours every couple days to have random fun on destiny, and most of the time leave disappointed since I've been playing for weeks and weeks and literally have 6 exotics to my name, from which only 2 are not trash.

    In this case, sure they should've let people unlock it, but they should've also added a deadline, why is that? There are sooo many easter eggs that no one has found, or look at the easter-eggs from other games that took years to find, same thing could've happened here, a dead-line was a must.

  • I think puzzles/events like this should continue in the game . But the reward for first should be real money or say a free anual pass . Not unlocking content that millions have to wait around days for dorks to solve. These dorks are losing sleep and living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle for this , which im sure is taking a toll on their lives overall . And while we appreciate their sacrifice , no one realy gave a fuck about the puzzles except for streamers or "community leaders" and their groupies. The avarage D2 player just wanted to play the last fucking forge. That was the whole bullshit aspect of it. So i say incentivize for the streamer with something real and let them have their clout . Thats cool. Just dont lock content up for it.

  • Big puzzle absolutely but the big issue with the black armoury puzzle was there was missing clues on the system so it was more difficult to solve. Folk were looking deeper because they were missing key parts. I watched the streams and it was brilliant. I think D3 should have a season long puzzle at least once and blocked off until it is solved.

  • They should have made it so that the people who owned annual pass get it but if they beat the puzzle it will unlock the forge for anyone who didn’t own annual pass

  • I agree, I was very glad Bungie did this at first, an amazing event that brought the whole community together, but with a sad finale

  • There should have been better rewards for solving the puzzle and they should have waited, unless like the other puzzle, it was too hard to solve

  • It was a good idea implemented poorly. I right away new I did not care about the puzzle, and never even tried it in any way.

  • Puzzle 5: somewhere images of 3×3 (i think) symbols appeared. There were random lines connecting some symbols. The key was to line them up on top of each other in 3D and then follow the lines like a maze.

  • The opening of the Bergusia Forge never should've been tied to solving a community puzzle. Period. Forcing people to sit and wait for THREE DAYS as this "new content" sits there locked behind some arbitrary wall just to please a tiny subset of the Destiny community that enjoys these puzzles was an absolutely asinine decision, and the fact that the puzzle itself hadn't been properly tested by Bungie before release to ensure that it even worked was just the icing on the cake. By all means, throw a puzzle in there with some sort of unique reward for the people who care about that sort of thing, but the vast majority of the playerbase didn't buy Destiny to research old French forests and shoot letters on walls; they bought it to shoot aliens and farm loot.

  • We NEED content like this. I get wanting what you paid for:. But this IS what you paid for when you purchased D2. This is WHY we play! I completed it and it felt to me like one of the most fulfilling experiences EVER in Destiny!

  • It’s puzzles like this that really sets destiny away from the rest. Sure you might want that gun in the expansion you paid for but to bring everyone together to solve one of the largest puzzles in gaming history is way more important. Sure I didn’t attempt to try and solve the damn thing but at least I wasn’t one of those kids begging to have every gun handed to them.

  • I'm completely fine with the event just as long as there's not items locked behind them. Some people might want a certain item but its locked behind a challenge that requires a ton of thinking an coordination that many of some don't really have the time or patience in some cases to go through. Some people love the lore an the challenge, others want a brain dead shooter to help ease the evening away after work.

  • I agree with what you’re saying. Part of the problem was that the puzzle also launched with part of the code missing from the update when it went live. I remember stalking the forums and Bungie publicly apologizing for “forgetting” to include part of the solution to the puzzle when it launched, which is also why part of the community was so vocally uproarious to be allowed access to the Beregusia forge early.

    I do think Bungie should include other pursuits like this. A lot of the fun times in D1 were the ones that involved the community like the OWL Sector event or the Outbreak Prime. Niobe Labs is awesome but suffered from a flawed launch and an already couple with the prevalent unpopular opinion of Bungie by a large portion of the following it produced a very mixed response.

    I wish a lot of the items in the Eververse store were not in the store, but were rewards from activities or tied to their own personal puzzles or dungeons. Some of them would even make sense as rewards considering the theme of the Scarlett keep, like the sparrow or the ship that both are Hive.
    Alas, not in today’s Destiny. Bungie would rather milk every dollar they can from the cash store get and dribble out content elsewhere.

  • I'm with you on the opinion of opening of the forge. I understand as well people getting impatient for the forge but like u said bungie should of stuck to their vision. That goes with all the stuff they do then nerf, or lock, or take out of game or whatever because some players, not all, don't like what's going on.

  • I believe that these puzzle events are fine, but under some conditions. Mainly that they are not price locked, they don't DIRECTLY affect DLC content, and that they are not tied to a "Time Limit". I know they need to keep things moving, but progressive updates don't need to be Time Limited to be good.

  • I wish they would do mote of these. Just don't lock a paid activity behind it. That is what the main stink was about. Have special rewards, emblems, ghosts, sparrows, hell even a weapon but not a activity. I didn't attempt nor complain about it personally, hell I barely played the forges and don't have any if the special emblems from shooting the pictures and I'm not that worried about it.

  • I think community events absolutely belong in the game, including puzzles. Destiny is blessed with the right kind of community for these sorts of things, and it generates increased excitement and engagement. The one thing I would say is that they have to be somewhat careful about exactly what they lock behind these events. In this case, while Bungie was newly freed from their contract with Activision-Blizzard, they were still launching content that came about as part of that deal. Black Armory had some interesting things (and some really good weapons), but there wasn't really a whole lot of content in the release. They made it last longer by spacing things out with a new forge each week, so people were excited to see the payoff with the final forge (and the puzzle boxes everyone had been working on). So, this was a risky thing to put behind this kind of puzzle event. Had it lasted a day, two tops, I doubt most would have had an issue with it. After that, however, a lot of people were getting really upset. Bungie had put themselves in a no win scenario. No matter what they did, a large number of people were going to be upset. In the end, it feels like they just went with whatever would make the fewest people upset. So, the lesson is: community events and challenges are good, but don't lock too much of the content behind it. Make it worth the effort, but don't leave everyone else without something to do until the challenge is overcome.

  • I wasn’t really all that into destiny right when this happened, so didn’t really experience it but I seriously would’ve loved to be involved and seriously seriously want another thing similar to this. One of my favourite things about the raids is the puzzles and teamwork they Twitter and I want this to be on a bigger scale again with an event like this

  • Not if it’s end game content, have this puzzle be for some odd chase weapon or ship,ghost shader combo. Not the literal END of a season. If destiny didn’t have seasons again. No biggie but once a season is over no one cares.
    Build better games and this won’t be an issue. D2 is a eternal attempt to restructure a failed game to be more like its popular predecessor.

  • Mfw you realize in context the Fallen and Cabal were smart enough to just go in through the massive open roof or take literally any other route that didn't involve a door with the most arbitrarily lock to every exist in any videogame

  • More like the event that split the entire streaming community in half 😂

    The only people who are upset about this are streamers who stayed up for 3 days straight attempting to solve the puzzle. The rest of the community was okay with it.

  • If I remember correctly we knew where Niobe labs was as there was a known oob before release similar to how we had found the other forges early

  • Yes, put the puzzles in. But instead of forcing players to do the puzzle, give them a choice, and let them go back and do it when they are ready. And add some extra, awesome rewards for completing the puzzle. Don’t just let one team beat it to unlock it. If other players select no to doing the puzzle, just give it to them. But if the do decide, and beat it. Maybe a special exotic gun or exotic armor that can only be earned by doing the puzzle. As well as an exotic sparrow or ship. It only makes it fair.

  • I hate these things, but I'm happy for those who don't.

    (The puzzles that is. Do enjoy watching people having fun with them though. The hype and teamwork is beautiful.)

  • I was there. This was my favorite time in Destiny and I wish there were more events like this.

    I remember I stayed up for two days straight working with others on cracking these codes. What a great time to be alive

  • I just want my flipping arms so I can finally do the 4 forges to give back the back of adas head piece but 20 armor pieces later still no arms

  • I don’t play destiny much but it would’ve been cool if they opened up the Forge after the first team completed it, and give a lil easter egg honoring those who completed the puzzles first

  • This is ridiculous. Why make players do the puzzle, a puzzle that gave cool rewards and the best forge, but then release it for players who want the forge for free? I mean I get why, but destiny is a game where you have to work constantly to get the things you want. If you want that mountaintop, go to crucible and earn it. You want that 1k? Do the raid until you get it. They should have done this and left it like that, or not at all. But personally, I think they should do this type of stuff because it did not only force players to WORK HARD FOR IT! But it also brought the entire community to solve this puzzle together. It brought guardians. That’s destiny. A place where we should all work together to solve the most difficult tasks and show the world how we never back down from these ridiculous raids and puzzles. This type of events and activities like this one is what makes destiny the game it is.

  • 5:00
    Nope, you do not have to spell the word "FLY" with hammerhead, only 3 random letters while you are jumping (Source: Raidsecrets).

  • I think this better to be like the Outbreak Prime way, where it is just a part of the exotic quest which somehow the casual players will not do at first.

  • We need another one of these, but design it to take 2-5 days to solve, and from the start say it will unlock 1 week after puzzle launch just in case. That seems like a fair middle ground.

  • These events are fantastic. As a person who is not a code breaker it was fun to hear that there were dedicated people working towards the solution but I did like that they opened the forge early after about a day it got frustrating because all the hardcore players that are extremely good at stuff outside the game (codebreaking) were having the time of their lives while there was content that was dependent on them finishing it and it made me frustrated I feel like if the hit registration worked on the symbol this event wouldn’t be so controversial and even waking up to hear it was solved I was so hyped

  • I understand both sides. I do however, feel that the guys that solved and succeeded in unlocking the puzzle should be awarded something big from Bungie. Like super big. Like, stocks in the freaking company big

  • Niobe labs was such a good idea but god damn damn was needlessly complex. Not to mention it genuinely didn’t work for a while and Bungie needed to patch it

  • I'd love to do this, but the ciphers and puzzles are just too complex and a waste of time if you have to restart every time. Especially for literally no semi-descent reward… Nobody has time for that. Or if so, that's honestly kinda sad.

  • Puzzles are perfect, but not everyone has 2 friends playing the game. what about the solo guy? adapt puzzles so that everyone playing it can enjoy the content, because trying to find groups for this puts any solo player off the game. just like the raids. no solo player will ever be able to do the raids.

  • In all honesty, there hasn't been a single moment in destiny where the community has come together more than this, and I mean the WHOLE community, from from literal random casuals who noticed some weird symbol on a wall to lore nerds who made connections from the deepest secrets of the backstory and theory crafters to puzzle together a solution to pve sweats who tried to actually solve the puzzle literally every aspect of the community was involved in some way or another.

    To avoid this disagreement in the future there shouldn't be content withheld from the whole community for stuff like this, but something of great significance should still be locked behind a completion. For the record, I personally believe they need to do stuff like this again. However, I'm sure there's ways there could be an even greater community contribution in some way or another, as Gladd tweeted when his team got wf,

    Community = World's First

  • Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Someone is ALWAYS going to whine about something and build a community of whiners around it.

    If they'd kept it locked until the puzzle was finished, people would cry about gated content. If they just gave it to everyone from the start, people would cry about the puzzle being pointless. There's not a single thing they could have done that some self-entitled whiny little bitches wouldn't cry about. There never is, never was, nor ever will be. That's what gaming has become. Crybabies are the vocal majority and you can't fix that. You can only ignore it and gamble on the shittiest era of gaming ever that maybe your game will survive long enough to pay for the next one.

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