The Mandela Effect: A Critical Analysis

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  • As I was watching this video, my friend and I both had an instance of the Mandela effect happen. He thought I was supposed to get off at a bus stop, and I thought he was supposed to get off at that same bus stop, yet that bus stop wasn’t either of ours.

  • Have you noticed that all the examples of Mandela effect are really silly…I mean nothing world changing… just error of memories

  • It wasn't just the fact that Nelson Mandela died in prison. It was the ramifications from the result of his death which made the most impact. Through the death of Mandela in prison riots broke out in South Africa in protest of Apartheid. The South African government had to cave in and eliminated Apartheid as a result of Mandelas' death. Mandela was touted as a hero and a martyr. I don't see those who oppose the Mandela Effect ever explain this phenomenon. How did Apartheid end in South Africa according to the ME deniers?

  • Regarding Sinbad's Wardrobe:
    "He wore clothes that could be confused with that of a genie."
    "He dressed like a pimp."

  • What about Tony Soprano's daughter rushing into the diner in the finale episode and we seeing a frontal shot of her walking in, but that actually never happened?? I had to go back and rewatch the scene because I was certain it happened, as did many other people, but it was just in our heads.

  • What happens when the Mandela Effect occurs, then occurs again, so I misremembered something that turned out to be true, and the conversation I had with my classmates about it had resulted in my classmates forgetting I had a conversation with them?

  • Another thing, my brother vividly remembers reading a "what happen on the day of your birth." fact that said Mandela died on 23rd of July 1991.

  • I vividly remember the movie Shazam with SinBad. I remember not enjoying it and wanting to watch something else😅

  • I originally heard about this subject on Coast to Coast am episode with Starfire Torre. It was called "time slips".

    The Berenstein Bears are a tricky one…as those books were read to me as a child and at that age I was just learning to read. I'm supposed to believe that every word my mother taught me through engaging me through reading was correct…except when she taught me how to read the word Berenstein…hmmm seems pretty illogical to me. Hence why the Berenstein/stain debacle is so mind blowing.

  • Google "Clint Eastwood cigarette trick". That annoys me so badly. I'm positive I saw it on TV in the nineties but no record of it exists.

  • Occasionally I will get a sort of super deja vu. It’s not the normal brain error though, it’s when I enter a room or environment and realize that I’ve seen that exact same place in a dream or something similar. There’s also a few times when I try to remember a moment but then I realize that I have two separate memories of the exact same moment.

    It’s weird but I just try not to think about it 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • so many people remember Sinbad with Shazaam.. but it didnt Exist??!! where is the false memory here?? this Channel is a fckn moron.. .. everybody had the answer.. can we just admit once in a while.. we have no answer and we have no fckn idea.. that mindset is the start of real science.. people need to UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL.. they are giving you unsubstantiated claim .

  • I had seen this video almost 2 months ago. But, i remember that you talked about the Darth Vader's quote "No, I am your father". I am serious.

  • The only reason I believe the Mandela Effect is because of the Pikachu Mandela Effect. I have very specific memories with Pikachu having a black tip on his tail. And I thought that they changed the character design even before I knew what the Mandela effect was. It kinda scared me so much that I really did have a break down.

  • Just someone trying to explain something he doesn't fully understand. It's not paranormal. If anything, it's Physics. At least try not to claim your assumptions to be true and factual. The video is basically a poor attempt to debunk it.

  • The fallibility of human memory is beyond question, all these studies exist that show it; still we drag people into courts for something that someone says they allegedly did thirty years ago at a party they attended on a specific day at a specific time and that is held as incontrovertible evidence of their guilt – because someone remembers they did or said something inappropriate all that time ago.

  • I swear in Moonraker Dolly in fact had braces even my dad who is a huge 007 fan said that's the way he and my mom remember it as well

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  • The only one I can recall, is the Fruit of the Loom. Before I heard of this if you told me to draw it, I would have put a cornucopia in it. I still haven't heard of a good explication on why I can clearly recall this and was actually shocked upon hearing it doesn't have one. So why do I recall it without any outside pressure to remember it differently. Remember, if you had asked me what was in a fruit of the loom logo 10 years ago, I'd tell you I could recall seeing grapes, an apple and a cornucopia.

    So the question is, before even knowing about this, why would I have thought this?

    As for the Monopoly one, I think its even better to add in Planters Peanut mascot, which does have a monocle and top hat. And for movies, doesn't even register as people mistake so many things in a movie all the time I wouldn't even put it in as 'proof'. I do notice a lack of an effort to explain why some think Mandela died in prison and they saw his funeral on TV. Explaining that one would be much better than the stupid movie explanations.

    Overall, I give the explanation a 4 out of 10, a nice try but really is condescending and doesn't do much to explain anything.

  • I remember Shazzam… but… I can accept I'm wrong. )) What I cannot accept is that the Fruit of the Loom logo NEVER had a cornucopia. I received tighty whities and tee shirts every christmas from my grandparents. It was always Fruit of the Loom. The fruit on the packaging was ALWAYS in a cornucopia. It was how I learned the word cornucopia. I asked my grams, "so this is a loom?"pointing to the cornucopia. She laughed her ass off.

  • Shazam is the only one that interests me. People not only remember Shazam, they also remember that it came out at roughly the same time as Kazaam (most agree that it was earlier), and how unusual it seemed to them that both movies co-existed with such a similar premise. Also, some people have a much greater recall of old movies they've seen, and some of these people remember Shazam as well, with ludicrously specific notions of who starred in it (Barbara Eden and Tahj Mowry), what its plot was (it sounds terrible by the way), and even a faint memory of its soundtrack. And there's a moment in the sitcom A Different World where Sinbad seems to make an arch reference to a genie movie that he did (admittedly this doesn't mean much, for various reasons including that it clearly predates this alleged movie, but it's interesting).

  • The Mandela Effect look like it have a relation with the 100 Monkey Theory. It is enough for a group of people (always in proportion with a subtotal) to learn something "magical". Viceversa it is also posible to forget something or change it…

  • Noddy always wore a yellow jacket in my memory, but when I look up images he’s only ever wearing a red one. I can distinctly visualise noddy in a yellow jacket from memory

  • Here's a little something i misremembered:

    I honestly could have sworn that you made a Top 10 Facts – Naruto but it turns out you didn't, i even remember the thumbnail of that video

  • I don't believe in this effect at all, but I do have an example from my life. Sometime between 1996 and 1999, I recall reading an article in the news paper that Tim Curry, famous for his roles in rocky horror picture show, and Legend, had died. This is an odd one to me that defies most of the rational explanations. It couldn't be a real memory over written by a false one, because I didn't know that the devil in the movie legend was played by Tim Curry before this point in my life. So I learned something new, Which is true, and something new which isn't true.

    I have decided that it was simply a false new paper report.

  • actually it gained popularity in the past 5 to 10 years due to everybody old books and videos of the Berenstein bears and everybody's memories of it that way and now the media and the internet says it's always been Berenstain which we know is false because we have proof I myself have an old video with the EI version the media and the scientist they approve of will tell you that we remember things the way we want to and not the way they actually were which is a completely false very brutally conditioning statement to say the least

  • Our memories are wrong most of the time, they change and sometimes we even make things up to fill the story. So, basically, Mendela effect is made up by someone who doesn't know basic human behaviours.

  • tbh I've never called much for the Mandela effect. Like I understand that memory is very unreliable so I trust that I've remembered things wrong. But the one that always trips me up is the Sinbad one. Like how did so many ppl remember a movie that just NEVER existed. Not that it did exist and something about it changed, it the fact that it straight up was never a thing at all throws me off.

  • Can you talk about déjà vu in a video. There are times where I can remember the exact time and place of a dream. And when I experience the déjà vu I can remember the emotions I had and reflections I made about my emotions the first time that I experienced the moment.

    I’ve heard that’s it’s out mind storing new information as memories. But it feels like there is more to it than that. What do you think?

  • What he mentioned about "Mirror Mirror on the Wall " is horrifyingly true . I watched the animation literally last night for the first time ever and I was damn sure it was "Mirror Mirror on the Wall " not "Magic Mirror on the Wall" but damn . I dont even have an opinion !!!

  • I am not mandela affected and I understand and actually already believed all your claims. Nonetheless… your video doesn't proove anything. The shift is meant to happen complete, so your clues of the time are not valid, because everything would have changed related to the effect in question, according to mandela affected people. Also the shift could have happened that way, using very similar staff, or small changes that could pass as fails of the brain. Also some true fails of the memory could be just mixed along with mandela effects.
    Actually, the way you (a very popular channel…) explain it, as if you didn't really understand the traits of mandela effect… (maybe it is just not understanding them, but…) makes me think there is maybe some hidden truth in all of this. It always happens with gatekeepers, at least to me: they push me into more than pull me. On purpose? Maybe. I've never thought the elite is short minded, quiet the contrary, so, well, I don't know. Game? Oh, maybe. What do you and me know, right?

  • …did he just change the title just to make us think we are experiencing the Mandela effect?

    I swear it was "psychological analysis" and not "critical analysis".

  • The united states air force has built the worlds first time machine. They have been testing the paradox theory. These are results

  • the only mandela effect im having is the tinkerbell disney logo. I swear she flew around the castle at one time with pixie dust and dotting the i with her wand. The closest to that i could find is the wonderful world of color type intro.

  • Sorry but no. You make a mockery of thousands of people with this vid. Our memories are perfectly reliable enough to remember certain aspects of our most loved. These things are imprinted on us and you can't tell me everyone has the same false memories. You chat shit.

  • I had a Mandela Effect with Finding Nemo, I thought that in movie was a scene with all aquarium fishes in bathroom but when I rewatch the film there wasn't any scenes close to what I had in mind…

  • But yet there's residual PROOF everyone can find, of the way we remember the events. It can't just be mis- remembering when you can find ABSOLUTE proof of your original memory.

  • The A-Team van really screws with me… I mean.. I'm totally with this author all the way.. till I discover the A-Team van one… then I am like… WTF!

  • Parallel universes, or people are consistently lazy and stupid? Consider the telephone game and how it repeats with 100% certainty infinitely. Gonna go with the latter. No elaborate theoretical quantum physics is needed to explain why people consistently believe stupid shit that is demonstrably false. The brilliant work done by LEMMiNO on Moonraker is all the proof you need to see how fucking idiotic this whole thing is.

  • The Mandela Effect… More like The Reading Steiner Effect.

    (if you know this reference, you are in the same worldline as I am)

  • The braces thing on the James Bond film, I remember watching it on broadcast TV as a child, and my parents laughing because of the scene. She did have braces. By what mechanism does a shared, and very specific delusion propagate?

  • If for me, I would suggest Hollywood just film Sinbad movie and kill this stupid annoyance false memory once and for all. *MIddle finger for Mandela Effect*

  • Wait a motherfuckin' damn second. You forgot to mention "Interview With "A" Vampire". However in this new reality it's labeled as "Interview With "THE" Vampire". Seriously though it was always "Interview With "A" Vampire" and the residual evidence are astronomically plentiful. Interesting on how you forgot to include that tidbit of information for the viewers on YouTube. Very interesting indeed. I'm no conspiracy nut job but more like someone who points out the finer details in things. That's my two cents on the matter and the rest is in lala land. Peace Everyone.

  • To see Threepio with a gold right leg on the set of "Return Of The Jedi" Google image search the phrase: "Endor Cast"

  • I know you prolly won't read this but at 14:57 when you say "in-kha-tha" it's pronounced in-ka-ta
    I'm Zulu and south African, trust

  • Fuck I coud spend hours of watching your videos. But now i have to play Monster Hunter. Wait waht i coud sworn i have watcht that video back in 2000???

  • Does anybody remember Valerie Harper passing away almost ten years ago from a brain tumor, or Jim Nabors and Glen Campbell both dieing about thirty years ago.

  • You can take an online test to see how much the Mandela Effect affects you. Just Google "Alternate Memories" and take it from the site. The test is different each run, and you can skip those you've no idea about so you're not forced to guess. It's the most comprehensive on the internet. Most people score 50% and are surprised by this!

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