The Mission of the Open Society Foundations

The Mission of the Open Society Foundations

Understanding open society is one thing. Trying to create open societies or strengthening open societies is something else. They have to evolve, they have to create themselves, and that process is a never-ending process. We are living in very anxious times. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world. People are afraid and they want to hide behind closed borders. Societies are divided and the spaces of contestation are becoming more explosive and, in some cases, violent. People are questioning the rationality. People are questioning the established institutions and norms. It’s an onslaught, not just on immigrants’ rights, but on Muslim rights, on reproductive rights, on LGBT rights. This endless war on terror. The migration crisis. All of that is distorting democratic practice in the world. We’ve got enemies—open society and its enemies. We are, as the Open Society Foundations, part of a network who support a set of values, and a set of principles, and a set of ideas. This vision of an open and humane society. A society in which everybody’s full potential as a human being is realized. A belief in the right of every individual to have certain levels of dignity, including freedom. The freedom of expression. The freedom of assembly and association. The freedom of movement. The right to protest. Voting rights. A free judiciary. Equal justice and transparency and fairness. And a government that is held accountable by its people. And at the very heart of the idea of open society is that people can disagree, but they can still recognize the greater goal of being able to live in mutual respect, in peace. OSF provides an opportunity to question power, to hold power to account, but the complexity of the fight is that power fights back. Even though we are faced with seemingly intractable problems, we need the courage to step into this moment, to take up this challenge. If not us, then whom? In order to have an open society, you have to have to mediate the tension between equality and liberty, popular sovereignty and individual freedom. And it’s a difficult task. The philosophy of Open Society is very much to work with people on the ground who have that energy, who are doing the work, and know the environment where they’re operating. Local advisors, local activists, they have the agency and the authority to be change agents in their country. We are asking people to mobilize themselves. We need to provide the tools. Now we’re seeing the individual as part of a community of thinkers, of activists, of writers, journalists, artists. We’re at a moment now where people’s very lives are on the line. We need healthy institutions in civil society. You need them to be well-run. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in. You will find a remarkable group of courageous people speaking out against violations of rights. They are the voices we seek to support. The only thing that matters is your patience for genuine change —how the world should be. The Foundations do more than fund projects. We are engaged with ideas. There are certain things one has to fight for even if it’s not popular. One must always go to the space where the greatest pain is. We have to do that in a way that speaks to the ultimate values that we are trying to defend and promote. This is tough work. It gets us into trouble. There are times when I wake up in the night and I wonder, is this what I really want to keep doing? It’s really about my belief that a better world, a better society is possible. This is exactly what a foundation like OSF was built for. The whole point is to maintain and to foster and to strengthen open society. And that means you’re made for the moment when open society is threatened. If you believe in something, and you have the convictions towards it, you can really withstand insurmountable odds, and really fight the fight. Open society is always endangered, and it needs to renew itself by being tested and surviving.

42 thoughts on “The Mission of the Open Society Foundations

  • Open Society, so The Rulers of the World can gobern easier and with more power.
    So easy for them to lie us. And we humans are so hypnotized by Social media, Netflix and so on , that our brains are fry and unable to discern what is behind it all this " Good " Intentions to reunify the humanity in one thought.

  • Nunca conseguireis callar al pensamiento disidente aún con toda la censura del mundo. Soros usted es una vergüenza para la raza humana.

  • Why don't you just call it what it really is? You want a society that is controlled by only one dictatorship for America and George Soros is footing the bill and trying to buy his way into it. There are still enough Americans who can clearly see what is going on and believe me when I tell you, we stand behind President Trump and we will fight you every step of the way to the bitter end because we won't allow the Democrats to sell us out. America is still our country and we won't give her up, ever!

  • Pobre fascista, ya no puede ni pasar saliva la muerte esta esperándolo y con ella morirán sus "ideas".

  • Fuck any religion and it’s ignorance, you are nothing but flesh and bone, nothing more, nothing less than any other animal.

  • Open society huh… does that mean me and my family can go live with George and use his cars and eat his food.. idiotic

  • So much of their own ideas are contrary to each other.. open society means open to express my ideas too.. so why am I being shut down for believing in Jesus? Hypocrites in action again

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  • This is a good name foundation.a big money but not enough so the world should be change the whole the right sistem.structure because the old are dead.You need new big vision.talented people and the right ridership because now you don't have them.not even in level 4 when should be in level 10..

  • Disgusting organization trying to destroy the world. Fuck you soros) we’ll fight your fucking crowd

  • Your mission is to destroy Germany and you will pay your debts in the future, we do not forgive and we do not forget!

  • 3:11 are a list of Key Long-Term Investments. Fifth on the list is MASS INCARCERATION. Why would a foundation who says they believe in free speech, the right to free assembly, human dignity, etc, be investing in mass incarceration? Asking for a friend.

  • Agreed….pure evil. Shipping Africans to South America to go to the USA …now having third world diseases here. Shipping South Americans to our border. Spending millions to leftist liberal politicians…making Russia look like saints. Trying to bring down America in every way from financial to elections….one world order. I would say your ideals verge on communism…but pure evil and deranged. And let's not forget Antia….your paying them and teaching them how to erupt violence in demonstrations. There is not one country continent that you haven't attempted to bring down. You should be concidered a terrorist"…..just evil in your demented narcasitic mind.

  • These people are behind the color revolutions around the world.

    Good thing that it didn't work out in Nicaragua.

  • Tambien sus propidades y sus cuentas bancarias estan abiertas paratodos.Que nos de las direcionesy que no se esconda.

  • There is nooo waaay this world could handle open societies right now , with peoples inherent nature it would erupt into chaos immediately, you have to evolve into this very very slowly,you cant force it and make it happen quickly. The main thing that needs to be done first over everything is a new type of power supply needs to be invented to get rid of fossil fuels coal natural gas all that stuff you put those power supplies at the main power station supplying all of the main power while you're further inventing it to make it smaller then all of the businesses will get it then you're making it smaller yet then each house can get it then once you're at that level you can disconnect the first one from the main power grid get rid of the main power lines and all the poles then when each person has their own personal power supply you don't need no more power lines telephone poles than those can be torn down and then at the same time automobiles could be powered by the same source then you can pick up all the roads let the grass grow back and plant trees and then you could implement the Green New Deal the power supply has to be done first or else everything else will take forever

  • i have the feeling that if these People suceed, they Will do the complete opposit of what they are promising.
    Freedom of expression huh? Funny knowing that Soros sponsored radicals are atm bashing in heads while screaming: fascist!
    Freedom of assembly and association huh? Funny because Soros is actively using he's influence to destroy all nationalist and pro white groups. Even their online platforms are dropping like Flies.
    Freedom of protest huh? Yeah free to get your brains bashed in when disagreeing with communism.
    Voting rights and justice huh? Funny, George Soros happens to be the guy behind the remain brexit campaign, sounds very democratic. Also him and he's EU friends are atm punishing Poland because they had the odacity to replace the oldschool communists in their justice system with popular nationalist.
    A goverment that is accountable to it's People? This guy is pushing communism, that will sure lead to trustworthy non authoritarian goverments no doubt.
    To create a oppertunity to question power huh? Funny, everytime somebody openly questions George Soros they get bombarded with : antisemitism!. If that don't make them quiet Soros is always Willing to financially crush them with the legal system.
    Equality and individual freedom huh? First of all, what freedom exists under communism? The freedom to be robbed from everything you own and Will own? And the most fantastic thing is that everytime equality is achieved, that People like Soros and he's buddies are somehow more equal then all the other 98%, who are all equally slaves.


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