Traditional Tattoo – Between spiritual tribe rituals and the modern society

34 thoughts on “Traditional Tattoo – Between spiritual tribe rituals and the modern society

  • I know it may sound crazy but i feel an intense connection with what you've been doing. It's crazy but all i can think about is how i need to make this transformation and I need to go through getting a body suit. I already have tattoos and piercings but i feel this is what i need where i would belong and what i need to do. Would much love to come spend time with you and you small group of family and friends and to join you all to get my very own bodysuit. Please read this little swastika/Lily lu

  • Fantastic vlog. Brilliant to learn about other methods and learn about the friends you have. Keep up the good work. #lilyluspreadingthelove

  • These mini documentaries are so good! I would love to see a full length film produced and filmed by you! The subject matter, backgrounds, composition, and the people you highlight are phenomenal! You are on the right, personal track!!🐿💕

  • 10 of May in the Year 2000., i got 2 big Swastikas Tattooed on my Chest. I can Feel you!

    bunga terun was my second tattoo in the mid 90ies., =) my first piercing was an Ampallang., i love the way you guys made this video!! thnx =)

  • These documentaries are absolutely amazing honestly ! Hands down I would love to see a full film by you showing the connection of love and honor behind traditional ink. Keep up the amazing work ❤️

  • Love these mini docs so much. Though it is through the Internet I've felt a connection to the people at psyland. I sent a general email recently and I want to plan my visit. Sending love from Pennsylvania ❤❤


  • what you all thnk from traditional tattooing. i got my first body suit with a lot traditional ink and still now i got countless esions with monks and traditional sesions on my body .

  • I think it's as old as 20000bc the first know depiction of a swastika… Carved into ivory… I too have countless amounts of swastikas tattooed on my body from all different cultures. I even have 2 silicone swastikas implanted. One on my cock and one on my wrist.

  • Amazing video again!!!!!!!!! Lily you are very very good in directing shooting and editing documentaries!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  • Thank you for this super interesting and educative docu! You created a perfect, contemplative atmosphere for this artist to share his wisdom. A person with such a wealth of knowledge, experience and freedom is in my eyes richer than any millionaire living in the dominant culture and society!

    I really love traditional tattoos, their deep meaning connected to the culture and nature and my own tattoos are inspired by several tribal styles and also the folk art and traditions of my own pre-Christian cultural heritage from Karelia and Finland. Swastika was also an old Finnish protection symbol, I have a few swastika tattoos myself.

    Keep up the good work, Lily- you have made a lot of progress as a filmmaker! I’m a big fan of your channel and loving the unique content you create about rituals and alternative lifestyles! I also used to live in a van, travel extensively in Asia, very interested in the psychedelic experience, shamanic rituals etc so I am enjoying a lot the vision of life you share here! 🖤🙏🏻

  • I got my first traditional tattoo from flying swastika & that opened a door to a wonderful new world 🙂 So I have to thank him a lot 🙂

  • He has such a kind face. I look at him and listen to his talk and I feel so relaxed and peaceful. Thank you Lily for another fascinating look into your world and thank you Flying Swastika for an eye opening talk about your life and the real history of the swastika xxxx

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