Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ amid impeachment probe, upcoming FISA report

Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ amid impeachment probe, upcoming FISA report

100 thoughts on “Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ amid impeachment probe, upcoming FISA report

  • The Dems say that the President is corrupt, the Republicans say The Dems are corrupt. Either way there must be a lot corrupt people in the USA.

  • I support Trump fighting this corruption but I cant help but laugh on him calling Mike Pence a great friend. But come 2020 he might say Pence was never my friend, I hardly know the guy LMAO. So funny

  • @Fox News please tell your staff, that their need to cut off the president for information that they are already aware of is futile. Trump isn’t telling them, he is telling the public. He is well aware that when he uses a platform to speak, he has to tell it from the start and with much detail. To those that are in the loop it sounds like a broken record, or a long repetitive call with grampa telling you the same stories each time. He is repeating it because each day, people that hadn’t heard it before “put 2 and 2” together and give him a chance to hear what he is saying unedited because the other networks can no longer hide that they became tabloid establishment pushers of propaganda.

    I suggest that you time how long it takes him to speak those points, and put on a light near the end of each one so the hosts have a better chance of getting in their questions for a better flow.

  • WE, the REAL American people, have your back, Mr. President! These people, these globalists NEED to be tried for teason and dealt with accordingly!

  • Don—you got so much dirt under your stubby fingernails—who would blame the FBI for investigating your sleezy campaign—jeeez Man Up you big buffoon in a diaper!

  • let the pres speck ,you get to jib 10hr aday,dont really do anything just bullsxxt all day,good or bad,you get your check

  • LET HIM ANSWER!!!! What’s wrong with these fools; that’s why I don’t watch Fox News anymore. # OANN is my favorite now. They stand with our President.

  • get Wray out of the FBI so we can get justice he is blocking and covering up clintons crimes comeys crime and you know their names

  • You are going to see "Things"…. Yes, we know how Donald is with his crystal ball as seen in his wiki-leaks email prediction.

  • Why aren't they pointing out the 1999 agreement made by President Clinton & Ukraine to combat corruption? This is an important point that they should be making daily!!!

  • You cannot trust these people Mr President. (Fox sold their integrity for Cash)
    You can't trust Mike Pompeo.
    I seriously doubt that Bill Barr is on your side either.

    If you feel you can Trust the Military, then You Should Declare Marshal Law Today !!!

  • These same people have been overthrowing countries for the last 50 years. Why wouldn’t they try and overthrow their own when something they don’t like happens..?

  • Hi,Mr.President ,Thank You for what you do for America ,we want to have you're picture in our House , We believe we must have a new Administration and not to have people from previous Administrations because we see they was wrong.Thank You Trump 2020,2024,2028….. to end the corruption.I believe must fire every British spy or Russia spy who listen you're calls.

  • The only corruption he's looking for is someone to cover up his lies and his extortion.
    The EU has contributed twice as much as the US and Germany is right behind us in addition to what they contributed through the EU. Trump is the big sucker.

  • Money for Military, The Wall, and foreign aid. Why is that money not being used for schools, infrastructure? America 1st??

  • Brian,
    You're overlooking the Anti corruption Bill between the US and Ukraine. Why are you trying to badger the President. Ukraine is now asking for US assistance from the MP

  • The Democrats are so corrupt. Thank God we have a lion for a president in trump. Drain the swamp forever Mr president.

  • Why does Trump always use Obama as an excuse. Obama is no longer President , Trump should be accountable for his own actions.

  • I’m a independent who felt Clinton should have been removed from office because he was the president and he betrayed the trust of the American people I also think trump should also be removed from office because he too also betrayed the American people fox 🦊 news should be ashamed of themselves for being so one sided but it’s evangelicals who say they stand on what’s right and wrong to ignore trump and his corrupt deeds that’s what’s the most sad

  • I don’t understand :
    why is trump stopping people from coming forward to speak the truth. ?
    Why is trump attempting to stop in the courts from his taxes from being seen. ?
    Why did trump claim “no quid pro quo”. ? When everyone confirmed it.

  • As soon as he's asked for evidence he pivots into his perceived accomplishments. Stacking the courts is not an accomplishment, it's partisan corruption.

  • FOX & FRIENDS …YOU are no longer fair and balanced. YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. Lachlan Murdoch is pulling the strings now.for sure……..TRUMP is the only one that cares about us. YOU three on the couch, are perpetuating this lying nonsense and giving it credibility where there is none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump University….a fraud settlement payment approximately 20 millions paid. Trump Fondation.. a fraud a fake charity closed down.

  • The traitorous neocons at Disney can eat s***. I don't think the President should waste his time on this network it's finished. compound trick questions from AirHeads reading their script to bring down the duly elected president and masquerade as a objective or right favoring Network. Your credibility is in the toilet

  • These people look like students kept behind for being naughty whilst the teacher rants on and they just can't wait to leave but daren't say anything!

  • I.G. Durham A.G. Barr Report: Mark December 9th or 10th – Popcorn Day when THE TRUTH comes out. "Oh Bummer!" for Barry? Time for the OTHER NATO ALLIES to "BUCK UP" and give AID where needed. Obama=PILLOWS Trump=Anti-tank MISSILES.

  • Giuliani was the Presidents Lawyer and went to Ukraine in November 2018 during the Mueller Hoax to find the facts for his clients defense, this isn't hard to understand, unless if you are a braindead liberal.

  • The corrupt clown media is the biggest enemy of the truth and justice. Nervous Nancy’s and Standard Schiff’s smear campaign boomerangs.

  • "Hello, Fox & Friends? How would you like a nice meeting at the White House? Just give me some dirt on the Bidens. I'll even see if I can throw in a dinner. The White House chef is really good."

  • Wait – "The phony New York Times, you can't read it, I don't read it.." 2 seconds later " I read a story and it's phony in the New York Times"…

  • This all goes back to when Bill Clinton was president, they just gained covered up money & power corruptions over the years till TRUMP come along!


  • "That's what the word is……" This crook, Donald, obviously doesn't work from facts. "Who were your sources" that told you this. "I CAN'T TELL YOU THAT." HAHAHA. what a liar.

  • He’s supposed to be running the country, yet here he is, wasting 53 minutes of everyone’s time with more of his BS.

  • Trump is ending the lefts welfare program, tax payer dollars are there's for free, it is gonna end. When we finally get a handle on this you are gonna be amazed how great America will grow and flourish after these traitors and there cooked booked policies are removed from our policy structures. They make money off of squandering tax dollars, and the stuff they buy with it, drugs guns, under age girls, all bad stuff peiple in places of power should not be associated with, no people of moral fiber would do this.

  • OMG you guys stop interrupting the POTUS. Dear God have you no respect? It is a great interview and revealing to get the emotion/sentiment from the top. Just learn some interview skills. My overriding impression is yes this is a great piece to watch. Just show some respect.

  • Report is they just indicted owner of (buh-reezma). The dems incriminated themselves in the Shifty hearings and set the stage for the indictment. Look it up! This is huge!

  • If trump cared about corruption then the Turkey leader would have never been in the White House why was Russia in the White House these two countries are more corrupt than any other countries just sad that grow up like kids don’t know when they hearing lies

  • i still remember watching the news and hearing the statement from Hillary that she said "if we lose this election we are all going to jail"…..Really? I wonder why she said that. Oh yeah, we are beginning to see what was behind it all.

  • I wonder is this so called information coming out will be released with his health care plan (waiting for release till after 2020).

  • 00:43 the President says "Bull Durham" when referencing US Attorney John Durham. The president is confusing movie titles with real human beings. He's lost it

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