Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News

Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News

  • Trump’s Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation: Mr. Trump claimed to be fulfilling a mandate to stop “endless wars” in the Middle East. But unlike the large-scale U.S. missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Syria operation was a light-footprint, low-cost operation — and a striking success. With just a few thousand troops and air power, the United States was able to partner with the SDF to destroy the would-be Islamic caliphate and gain de facto control over a large swath of eastern Syria. That impeded Iran’s expansion in the country and gave Washington vital leverage over any eventual settlement of the Syrian civil war. In five years, 17 U.S. soldiers have been killed in action in Iraq and Syria combined.

    The president claims that the Islamic State has been eliminated, but it has not. He suggested Turkey, Russia, Syria and European countries would prevent the group’s resurgence; they won’t. He also boasted that “if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey.” Such unhinged rhetoric ought to worry even those Americans who support Mr. Trump’s decision.

  • Why didn’t you IDIOTS BASH OBAMA FOR HIS DECISIONS ??? Oh yeah !!! I know !! GO TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  • Hey Trump, these deaths are on you and you will be accountable when you meet your maker. Soon rather then later would be desirable on my account. Did Putin tell you to withdraw Mr President?

  • Well then go ahead and spill your own son's blood out there. it'll be for practically nothing because Trump is right these are endless Wars we've spilled enough blood out there and these are the best of our citizens

  • you could do both: evacuate US troops AND forbid turkey from doing this, you know?

    most stable geniuses would know this.

  • Turkey and Russians one upped here….
    We were never invited in Syria anyways. We were breaking international rules of sovereignty.

  • Fake news. If everyone wants war… ask Congress to declare war. Give us all a clear objective! I bet most, if not all, so called journalist, had never served in combat.

  • No worries, now let Vladimir Putin doing the job, USA sit down, shut your mouth and learn like a little schoolgirl 💁 once more the world has something to laugh at 👍 great, wonderful

  • How biased can NBC News be? The first line is propaganda. The US is getting out AT THE WORST TIME! Give me a break.

  • Maybe ISIS will come to the US ad start doing some beheading work… Starting in Washington DC… Hint, big white building on Pensylvania Avenue… Hair color Orange… Big mouth, little hands!

  • Looks like WW3 will start from here! I think something like this was also said in the bible, just in other words! If someone knows this, please let us all know.

  • That's right, why should we go around the world taking side and making enemy and fighting someone else fights? America first, anybody else wants to go help let them. Thanks you Mr. President.

  • Islam, that preaches intolerance, is the root cause of conflict in Middle East. Unless someone like Buddha emerges there, no hope in sight.

  • Turkish army and Syrian freedom fighters are going to wipe out the terrorists (PKK-YPG-PYD-ISIS) created by the West…

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    Ed Chez, Keith Johnson, M eh, Elvis, Chandler, Peter Johnson, L.D. Brute, Joshua Paul, and Blitz None.

  • The US is doin' the "cut n' run" after the Kurds died by the thousands fighting ISIS. If the US is willing to abandon allies like these heroic people why would anyone trust the US again?

  • If everyone wants to TURKS to stop, then take all the refugees (about 4 million of them) out of TURKEY to your countries, give back the 50 billion dollars TURKIS taxpayers have spent already to take care of them. We would be happy to watch the events from the border in Syria.

  • Yes, the Kurds' situation is concerning, but it's your so called moderate rebels helping Turkey invade. You guys know you will need to get out of Syria eventually, so a Kurdish-Assad alliance is a better settlement in the long term. US meddling is one of the main causes of the Syrian mess in the first place, so stop starting/fueling wars already.

  • Guys let’s be honest. We don’t care what kind of negatif propoganda publish by mass media, we don’t care what Westerners told, demand, want.
    … Turkey aren’t stop until our borders cleanse from terrorists.
    YPG train, feed and weponised by US … you guys, tax payers support a Communist Terrorists organisation inderctly because Pentagon’s misdirection.
    … but enough is enough!
    This is our jurisdiction, our terratory and America aren’t welcome anymore!
    … no way Jose!
    Go home and don’t come back…

  • The Kurds, the people without a country, without anyone to speak up for them. President Trump is wrong to not stand up to Turkey and demand that they stop this genocide!

  • US is in the process of creating another conflict: Saudi and Iran. Hence sending the troops stationed in Syria to Saudi Arabia. War is a business.

  • US is in the process of creating another conflict: Saudi and Iran. Hence sending the troops stationed in Syria to Saudi Arabia. War is a business.

  • To prove the basic priorities of this message board:

    I could simply type "A;"

    And face a multitude of judgemental lawless politically charged arrogant comments before I would receive a response as to why I left a comment without anything other then the letter "A."

    Would have anything been accomplished at that point?

    More persuasive comments through oppression will have been left then worth counting.

    That or labeling me a troll, in which will have been done so by political lobbyist trolls aiming to manipulate my mind for them to force their beliefs on me.

    The one about me being a Democrat that's funny.
    Because the programmed mindset of Republicans is that Democrats are terrorists, so anything they do not agree with is a Democrat.

    A REPUBLICAN could be following Democrat party guidelines and that Republican will still out lash at anything they do not agree with according to their agenda, only to label them Democratic as per Trump's overuse as to promote war with the Democratic party.

    But the truth of this makes me Democratic according to the political war these message boards are intended forth.






  • I'm really not understanding negative comments here because #FOXNEWS channel is full of it all thru there.. Till like sum person said straight from their mouth the terrorists will flee to Europe.. Hmmm.. Their everywhere.. That's why there called "SleeperCells".. Till we have another major dark day here in the U.S we can just be spectators pointing fingers & passing judgement..

  • There were more than 60 Nato countries participating in this conflict, only USA has withdrawn. Where are the rest of the countries, or they are just bucking at US whilst they themselves are doing nothing

  • Some fail to realize things like this have been goin on for the longest time.. 1/2 thw world at peace but 1/2 the world at war.. Only when it hits a nation or country then it's something totally different.. Never ceases to amaze me of how ignorance runs so freely & deep.. I've learned to accept different ideas, viewpoints & criticism.. But We are in a new day.. Times are different & things are taken more seriously depending on the situation. From living a regular life to a life serving in the military.. How does one put things in perspective.. Honestly, Seriously.. With all that's going on in science, technology, human rights, the list goes on & on how can one even think straight but hear & see all the craziness saying to one's self.. Is this REALLY happening..??
    Personally I'm NOT happy or assured at all in wats goin on.. Most events which could've been avoided.. Situations that should have been resolved.. Mostly with wats going on now.. Times have changed drastically over the past few years & for watever it's worth we seem to go backwards every step of the way.. For every highstep there seems to be a new pitfall that seems to be the new low.. I remain optimistic about a future (blank,blank blank).. Only blanks because it takes a positive mind to overcome ignorance.. 🙏💯

  • Turkish killing civilians thats a war crime. Bet Russia will interfere to replace the Americans but won't have the same objective.

  • Most of this news is brainwashing I'm from the Middle East kurds are bad people everyone knows that and that's why turkey are fighting them.

  • What is Trump supposed to do? Go to war with Turkey? Erdogan has basically stated he is going in no matter what. Trump blinked. He is not going to leave US troops to be surrounded on all sides by Turkey, Assad’s army and its Russian allies, the Kurds and ISIS. What is 1,000 troops supposed to do in this environment? This is crazy. It would be a massacre worse than the Alamo.

    Don’t listen to these main stream media liars. They sold us the Iraq war and WMD. They are now saying we should go after Turkey? Destroy nato?

    In truth Nato without the US and Turkey would be a glorified police force. Look at what is happening. The great fighters of the Kurds are being decimated by the Turks and their allies. The Kurds are now allied with Assad and Russia.

  • Oh, were we supposed to stay in Syria beyond our original mission and fight for the Kurds and get involved in yet another endless middle east conflict that we have no business being in..? Only an ignorant fool would say yes.
    Thank you Pres Trump for looking out for our troops, because Obama clearly didnt when he sent them into Syria with no exit strategy.

  • . Civilians don't need anything more than an "explanation"; whether its a half truth or bs, the American dream necessitates a certain degree of sleep. What is done is done for reasons.
    But when a commander in chief without military experience ignores the advice of his military leaders who've dedicated their lives to the defense of American interest and long term security (from a game theory standpoint), as well as the intelligence community; for the sake of political stunts… is disturbing.
    Trump has long passed the point of being a national embarrassment, and is a threat to national security.

  • it was all planned turks will attack kurds, kurds will ask syrian government for protection and syria is unified. erdogan had many meetings with putin and putin supported operation 'peace spring' . this was all the plan.

  • Evil will not prevail on earth like this, for longer. Visitation of GOD will occur unexpectedly.

    At the time of our death , God will make us see all of our deeds.
    Those who hurted co-beings for selfish gains , will tremble with fear of facing GOD ,feeling terribly guilty ,sinking in eternal hopelessness.

    Those who saw Christ in their neighbours and sacrificed them selves for welfare of others , will feel the infinite unbounded love of God. They would be like God sharing his happiness and glory. This infinite love of each other is heaven.

    Repentance is moving from sinful of state , to the state of having unbounded love towards Jesus ,disguised as our co-beings. It is not any membership.

    Jesus clean me from all sins by your blood. I prefer death than doing any sin that hurt you. Say it with sincere heart.

    Jesus will surely come soon.. Read Gospel of Christ..

  • It’s seems that Trump is a rogue president of these United States of America and working in coordination with Russia and Turkey for withdrawing our troop support for the Kurds, our allies. This is a dark time for these United States of America in our national security and our trust with our allies. These actions that President Trump has taken, has sent a notice to our allies and the world that these United States of America can not be trusted to help when called upon. I worry one day that when America needs her allies to stand beside her, that they might just abandon her in a time of need. May God Bless These United States of America for our democracy is ever so endangered by President Trump for he is not a champion or a leader of the free world for he does not believe nor uphold the law of land the constitution.

  • President Trump knows exactly what he is doing to these United States of America by pushing the limits of the our constitution and dividing or nation with lies and corruption. Those who are complacent with the President, in his lies and deception and abuse of power are committing treason against the United States of America and the law of the land the constitution and should be investigated and given due process for their crimes in treason and aiding false hoods and not upholding the truth to prosper. I have seen lawmakers want to impeach previous president for far less then what has been committed and done by President Trump. Half of the congress is committing treason by not upholding their oaths of office and protecting the constitution for there is no one not even the president is above the law. Half of Congress are aiding the President in destroying our democracy, by not holding the most respected office of the land and leader of the free world to truth and accountability. Benjamin Franklin once said ‘’you have a democracy now but only if you can keep it.’’ So America we have been warned, that our democracy will be in and is in danger if our lawmakers in Congress do not uphold the constitution of these United States of America for it gives us our democracy and freedoms. If all of Congress doesn’t act now and uphold the law of the land and truth, then as of today the President has killed our democracy our constitution and way of life as we known it, for Truth should have power and bearing over lies and corruption that the president has acted upon. So it’s fair to say that half the Congress no longer believes in the text that theirs oaths of office are sworn to protect and execute the law of the land the constitution with their very lives if needed to. May God Bless these United States of America and may every American stand together to uphold the constitution and the democracy that it has given every American.

  • As I understand it at least one third of ISIS prisoners held by Kurdish forces are from the UK, France & Germany. Here's a unique idea, why won't the Europeans clean-up their own mess. Send elements of the English Army, French Foreign Legion, and Germany defense forces to insure these world class terrorist do not escape., or at least get deported by the Turkish President back to the EU?? Remember this is the same media which decried! G.W. Bush's 2003 ill conceived invasion of Iraq. Now they want Trump to send combat troops to the same conflict Obama ignored! Heard Russia is taking up positions on the border, honestly wish them the best of fortune. Yes I think removing are people from that blood bath was a good idea.

  • May ALLAH ( Merciful) reward brother Turkey with success . Tons of propoganda against turkey ,west is setting a trap . I believe in ALLLAH and hes best planner

  • U really listening something like that? Do u really believe in this fake news?
    The only thing what i think/ belive on this video is that the men in prison will famish 😅

  • Trump discussed with his top Military Generals and expert Advisors pulling US troops out of Syria extensively! Anyone who says otherwise are lying! If you don't believe me, ask Putin..

  • Turkey is just building safe zone. Nothing against Kurds nor Syrians but against terrorists PKK, SDG or whatever you call it.

  • NBC, We can't stay there forever. There is no good time to leave. Obama should not have taken us into Syria in the first place. Let others fight and die for a change.

  • Should America be the world's cop?

    President Donald Trump has replaced American exceptionalism with “America First.” Now the United States is not distinct from other countries. We are a nation like any other, says Trump, and “it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.” In his 2016 foreign policy address, Trump called it “a dangerous idea” to believe “that we could make western democracies out of countries that had no experience or interests in becoming a western democracy.”

    Why, then, is Washington spending $717 billion in fiscal year 2019 to maintain vast armies, fleets, and air armadas around the world? Not for defense, of America, anyway. It is to protect allies, assert influence, remake failed societies, dictate behavior, promote values, and more. All of these may have some value, though rarely as much as asserted. And none have much to do with protecting America’s territory, people, constitutional system, and prosperity.

  • The Kurds were never an official US ally like NATO and other nations. It was a marriage of convenience. You help us fight ISIS, we'll give you weapons, money and a temporary buffer.

    Why should America be put in a position to attack a US ally like Turkey just to please politicians in Washington.

    By this measure, Democrats and a handful of Republicans would have us in Syria indefinitely.

    Not in our best interest.

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