Trump tweets attack on Marie Yovanovitch during hearing

100 thoughts on “Trump tweets attack on Marie Yovanovitch during hearing

  • Question: Has President Trump committed crimes that justify his removal as President?…Yovanovitch NO
    Question: Do you have any information regarding the President of the USA asking or accepting any bribes?…Yovanovitch NO
    Question: Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of USA has been involve?…Yovanovitch NO
    Everything after that…a therapy session about her wounded feelings.

  • Hilariously, because they sacked her, she doesn't have to do anything they say! 🤣🤣 All of Trump's machinations go back to helping Putin. What a national security risk Trump is to the country. Babbling secrets, not following protocol on secrets! I'm surprised the CIA haven't taken him out!

  • I want to thank the moron liberals for the record levels of money contributions to the GOP. Without your lame attacks this wouldn't have happened.

  • She said she doesn’t have the power to make things worse but then says she and others made things better. ?? Double talk? What she is saying is bad to some and good for others. This is politics entertainment. No body changes there opinions and preferences. All this bs is for sport

  • Yovanavitch compared herself to the ambassador in bengazi. Wow the same ambassadors that the Obama administration left to die.

  • I am an independent voter and I thought her testimony was totally irrelevant.
    Except for Democrats – it's another chance to play the woman victim card.
    Maybe Trump is right…they're just trying to railroad him.

  • Dayum trump shut up man, you gone get caught learn to shut the hell up you just keep digging yourself deeper and deeper!!!! Smh


  • Well what did we expect?? The moment I saw him GLIDING DOWN THE ESCALATOR, I said – if this man is elected , we as a Nation is F***ked !

  • Republicans are pussies from now on 👎👎👎👎👎They don't care about Trump or there own Party👎👎👎👎👎I'm starting to NOT LIKE TRUMP👎👎👎👎👎

  • Trolling Trump's Tweets in "real time" still searching for a crime at the same time he is conducting a live televised kangaroo court, is definitely an obvious sign of desperation. ROFL!

  • Stewart: Do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?
    Yovanovitch: No.
    Stewart: Do you any have information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?
    Yovanovitch: No.

  • When This narcissist compared herself to Chris Stevens and the dead US Navy Seals That wiped the slate clean for anything President Trump may have said. Chris Stevens and the other Navy Seals were Slaughtered. While Hillary and her band of thugs had them trying on Uniforms .back to plain clothing X4
    For her to compare herself to Chris Stevens and the other DEAD Navy Seals . Is completely Disgusting.

  • Trump really is a pathetic delusional disgusting despicable human being! A true patriot that loves her country vs a self indulgent asshole!

  • Meetings made to look like hearings that are about "feelings" & opinions by life long gov't workers….seems like something the socialists would be into.

  • Why is a blonde smarter than Donald J. Trump? A blonde knows when to open her mouth. #beat me, tweet me, make me feel cheap

  • The Republicans run the universities, diplomatic Corp
    Med schools, law schools
    Hospitals, insurance companies.
    Your looking at a one party system. Trump's only the
    Clown with the frown.

  • The Meuller report said However, the report stated that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was illegal and occurred "in sweeping and systematic fashion",[9][10][11] but was welcomed by the Trump campaign as it expected to benefit from such efforts.[12][13][14] It also identifies links between Trump campaign officials and individuals with ties to the Russian government,[15] about which several persons connected to the campaign made false statements and obstructed investigations.[4] Mueller later stated that his investigation's conclusion on Russian interference "deserves the attention of every American".[16]

  • It wasn't witness tampering. She wasn't even a witness to anything. Schiff didn't have to read her the tweet but he made sure he did with glee. What a farce. Why is someone that isn't a witness to anything being called forth? Hate Trump or Love Trump, he had every right to fire her. This has no business in an impeachment hearing. Obama fired all of Bush's ambassadors? Did we need hearing on all of these? Total joke.

  • the most important answer she gave was she had no knowledge of any crime by the President……. someone should had given her a box of tissues. she couldn't be loyal since she is an Obama appointee!

  • Trump Attacks Marie …. god damn you people are sooooooo soft and desperate you don't even care that you look like total hysterical fools !

  • Twitter attacks – really? are we going to start putting all those people that attacking other people on twitter to a court hearing??? She answered 'NO' to the important questions, but what main stream media discussing is the twitter clip. If she is intimidated by the twits then maybe she was not tough enough to be a US ambassador. President Trump is Trump, he is what he is. A straight forward New Yorker. He was not mister nice guy before presidency and he is not going to try to please the press or Democrat just because he is a president. President can fire the ambassador for any reasons. Undermining the president will be a good reason to fire them.

  • What a petty, small man you are Trumpumpkin, I look forward to seeing you imprisoned along with others who have been poisoned by a relationship with someone as disgusting as yourself.

  • This Soap Opera of a Presidency plan to INURE CITIZENS to criminal an overall nefarious activities, IMHO , is working FABULOUSLY 😎😾


  • They are trying to impeach the President because he told this woman she was “going to go through some things”, but Chuck Schumer said live on tv that the intelligence community has 6 ways from Sunday to get back at you and that’s fine? Hahaha this is another embarrassment you losers, Trump 2020!!!!!!

  • I thought you moronic Liberal Democrats were gonna impeach President Trump,WTF happened.
    President Trump 2020

  • I hope that idiot keeps tweeting against the people that are testifying, it just makes him more guilty for what he's done to America.

  • The tweet didn't take life until shifty Schiff brought it to her attention for sympathy bonus point's since the Democrats circus offers no tangible proof by three people who witnessed nothing and have sour grapes. So pencil neck schiff is the real culprit for taking advantage of the former ambassadors emotions. He's not only a serial liar but shows no empathy and needs to be removed from his kangaroo court immediately.

  • Mike told me he talked to Steve who's wife knows the substitute reporter at the local experimental cable tv channel, they have a breaking news on Trump that he might can impeached:

  • Impeach trump ASAP. Trump is trying to throw them off his corruption trial. This country has become bad since trump became president.. That's a shame that a punk ass president can threaten people. I hope trump loses all his bodyguards and secret service then make threats in people face

  • Obama left his ambassador to die, but we are supposed to be outraged over a tweet by the President. The clown Yovanovitch compared herself to the victims of Benghazi.

    March 13, 2014 ….Ukraine's interim government has appealed for U.S. military aid, including arms, ammunition and intelligence support, according to senior U.S. officials. But the Obama administration refused to send military aid. Obama allowed Russia to take Crimea.

    We learned this from Kent’s own testimony Wednesday that in 2014 (Obama is president) George Kent was doing what his usual channels of State Department operations are in Ukraine. He testified, “In 2014, the first thing the U.S. (Obama) demanded from Ukraine in exchange for aid was an investigating of Burisma.” So why are they trying to impeach Trump?

  • BULLSHIT……she didn't do shit and she knows it….What a waist of time…you ppl are FUCKED

  • Oh, baby welcome to the real world! She can’t handle a job at Walmart ! First costumer who screams at her . She will be crying 😢 like a baby 👶! Luck she works for the government!! Poor girl ! She can’t handle a job at the private sector 😂😂😂😂

  • Sure you made it better. Get over yourself and the fact that the president is going to be around for another 4 years. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • Im certainly not a Trump supporter, but how the fuck is that an “attack”? Saying someone messes things up is not a verbal attack. Cmon really?

  • This prove everything witeness says about all the corruption trump is doing is true trump is unfit to have a dog house let alone the white house you havet to impeach this corrupt lying scumbag.

  • Twitter clearly not only has no problem with violent posts of a particular shade, but actively does nothing about those at all! It abets and magnifies bigotry and outright calls for violence. What a letdown.

  • Four things wrong…First her sign was wrong, should have read Former ambassador, second she was not witness to anything, third she admitted trump did not do anything illegal. Fourth, Epstien didn't kill himself.

  • So in the middle of a hearing Adam shift is monitoring Donald Trump's tweets. How lame is that. And then ask her how does she feel about it? Well, she wouldn't have felt nothing if he hadn't read the tweet. This is a Donald Trump impeachment hearing? Again the democrats have nothing.

  • boo hoo, democrats try their best to make her cry, want to play Americans emotionally, shame she was fired. impeach the president

  • Schiff once again fails to include context. Thank GOD our President DEFENDS HIMSELF ON TWITTER… since the Schiff-sham fascists are trying so hard to railroad an impeachment.

  • I used to get mad at the comments posted on CNN's videos, but the more I watched them and read the comments, the more I realized that Trump Derranged Syndrome is real. So I just laugh! Keep America Great 2020!

  • Adam Shithead, an incompetent, idiot, pathological liar, Communist, and an American traitor! This idiotic woman should have gone instead to the Dept Of State H.R Department to cry and filed a complaint that her sorry ass was fired by President Trump!!

  • That [email protected] Trump is so Scared Sh!tless. He Refused to Answer Questions IN PERSON about his lies on Russian Collusion of the Muller Report. He let his Lawyers write in the Answers. What suck ass ignorant, Low Down Dirty man. Women of America, WAKE UP ! THE MISOGONIST IS RABID!

  • So now these days even a tweet🐦is impeachable? only in Shit💩👀 world. Sounds like desperation to me😂😂😂😂😂😂👌 TRUMP 2020 VISION🇺🇸🙏

  • Roger Stone got 50 years for lying to Congress, obstruction, and witness tampering.

    Trump has been doing that since he was elected.

  • Schiffty Sciff shit in his pants after he got called out for lies to the Media ! Marie should go hide her head in the ground so no one will hurt her feelings

  • Once again displays his ignorance/ arrogance or both shows that he has no clue as to the parameters of free speech. The man should be removed simply on the basis of incompetency. Let him take his xss anger out on his todies.

  • Even the Dumbest of Liberals see CNN for what it wonder your ratings are on the floor…Guess what mr Zucker you are on your way to Guantanamo..Treasonous Seditious FOOL

  • I find it extremely comical that Trump says he has the right to say whatever he wants due to freedom of speech yet he’s not letting anyone in the wWhite House do the same. Where are THEIR Freedoms of Speech, Mr Trump?? Hypocrite, are we?


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