Tucker: Are you living in a free society?

Tucker: Are you living in a free society?

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Are you living in a free society?

  • “You can make your mouth say anything” when you have learned to over ride the controls on your conscience. Professional con artists like these got this skill set down.

  • Are you a Christian, Tucker? If you think you are, there has been some confusion with Christianity and this other thing called hypocrisy. The worst kind of Christian. See, a key part of being Christian is humility. Humility sent Jesus to a cross that is said to be the salvation of humanity. Are you familiar with that? What are you sacrificing for your beliefs? You shouldn't talk about things you don't understand. It makes it look like you are using Christianity but more than that it defeats the premise to your story and your credibility. I recommend you don't bring up your "Christianity" again…saying you care about equality while making fun of another guy for caring about equality? Yeah, that's hypocrisy.

  • FOR THE LAST TIME, when people say “black lives matter” it means black lives matter (too/also/in addition). Why is that so hard for people to comprehend?

  • You didn't have white privilege dumbass. You had wealth privilege. I know since money is no object for you the concept of wealth can be a little abstract…

  • Those who choose to agree with Sharpton they way they just did, are LIARS, Back stabbers, and Fake wanna be Leaders.

  • Fear-mongering, rabble-rousing, truth-obscuring, anger-fueling, misdirecting… What is happening behind your back while Tucker feeds you what you want to hear?

    Enjoy your indignation.

  • Don’t let them lie to you. Every illegal immigrant is easy
    to find because they get food stamps, free medical care, we educate their
    children, pay for their child care and new babies. We finance cars and sometimes
    insure them. Not missing in America, just ignored. Every one of these poor
    helpless immigrants cost their tax paying neighbors $2700.00 a month. Gotta’
    luv em!

  • I'm out for reparations.
    But tucker is also the same guy who wants to tell companies what they can and cannot do.
    Big government does not apply I guess if your a fox news viewer

  • What a bunch of imbeciles.. Pandering to a bunch of cucks, and communists. What dignified black man would listen to anything Al Sharpton says? Take your reparations and stick em up your ars..

  • All the Democrat candidates don't have the mental capacity or mental stability to be president. They should check themselves in to mental rehab for the next 30 years.

  • Indiana, Minnesota, are immigrants flourishing, entering "infiltrating" the mid United States, Democrat states? What are you voters thinking?

  • Don't prey living animals watch the weak ones outside the herds, flocks, groups, until they make them all weary and afraid until they give up, start accepting the new ? Oh, help us.

  • White people will eventually strike back like a cornered rattler. The days of the mud invaders are almost over. 🐍

  • Targeted for truth, happens 2me regularly, but I don't care, I have the intestinal fortitude (raw courage) to keep moving forward and share all I can in an effort to educate. I feel a responsibility to all humanity to share Fact Based Truth to wake people up, especially after getting educated on the horrible effects of Com_un_sm ie China MAo Famine..no thanks what a horrible example, and yet people are still unwilling to C? Keep up the Fact based fair reporting of truth, thank you all at Fox News

  • lol. Tucker, that was a terrible synopsis of Buttigieg. What he said was articulate a balanced with nuanced about not about whether all lives matter but how to act if that is your premise. You could probably learn from him.

  • Gilibrand lives in Westchester NY. A very upper class, non immigrant area. What is she talking about? People need to start showing where these politicians live, just to see how hypocrites they are.

  • To these insane people, in order to be "not racist" from their perspective, you basically have to be racist towards white people, especially if they're straight. It's just messed up. You can't fight racism with more racism. You can't fight hatred with more hatred. You can't fight division with more division.

  • Not in New Zealand no. And non Buttigieg is a groveler with no dignity and no self worth. DIGNITY COSTS! OTHERWISE IT HAS NOT VALUE!

  • AARGGHHH DIVERSITY IS NOT OUR STRENGTH! Hasn't she watched ANY Tucker Carlson or Red Ice TV videos??? She needs to wake up!

  • I personally enjoy the chaos. The Dems prove each day their complete unfitness to lead our nation. This lurch to the left they have constructed makes as much sense as spending 98 trillion dollars on anything. I urge all Americans to watch and enjoy the Dems rapid slide into a devastating 2020 loss.

  • A being that thinks he can control another being deserves to be shot in the face! Thats just for their benefits!

  • Watching them agree to that bs bill was more cringe worthy than watching Ninja and his whole New Year’s fiasco.

  • We r not in a free society because we pay taxes this is not a free world if it was then we wouldn’t have a income bracket from rich to poor

  • Tucker… thank you for making the clips of these beto-cucks as brief as possible. They literally sicken me.

  • Buttiegieg spoke very well and clearly about his reason for saying what he did. It's logical. Tucker is dumber than a sack of nails.

  • I can’t believe I just subscribed to Fox News. Tell 2010 me that and I would have laughed out loud in your face. How times have changed

  • Demarats lie and the zoombie people can not speak out because if they do THIER Tung is removed bullied and accused of some terrible accusation EVIL DEMARATS

  • Close the border for at least 50 years! No immigration! We mist fix our society, remove welfare and go back to private charities. All illegal immigrants must immediately be deported and their country of origin's government must pay a fine to the USA given back to its citizens of a certain value for each of its citizens they allowed to break into our country. We must provide orher nations incentives to not allow their citizens to break our laws and illegally migrate.

  • The Democratic Party needs to die now. They don’t think, they don’t take responsibility, and they won’t care about this country again. They hate children as we’ve seen them trying to make boys into girls, “masculinity is bad.” Sad the die-hard supporters still won’t wake up even when the damage is complete.

  • believing and understanding that every life has value is one thing. however, using that as a counter slogan to black lives matter is an entirely other thing that is not okay

    Consider that you are at a dinner table and everyone is eating food. Everyone has food except for Bob. Bob says 'Bob needs food'. Someone who is eating says 'well, everybody needs food' and then continues to eat with everybody else. Yes, that is true.

    But that does not change the fact that Bob doesn't have food

  • "Are you living in a free society?"
    You mean free as in Freedom ? My answer is no , I am most certainly not living in any Free Society, just barely surviving against undue and insurmountable (e.g., illegal) odds in the Socialist Republic of New York City instead. I miss the American Way so much it hurts, in many more ways than one. Anyway, why do you ask, FOX News, hm? FOX News and the sort usually doesn't take concern with such things in the slightest. The question seems quite uncharacteristic given the source. So thus I ask again: Why do you ask, FOX News, eh…?

  • Following with 1984, this is truly like the book. They made Buttgieg change his mind into thinking that something as obvious and non-controversial as saying "all lives matter" is a thoughtcrime and he should not even think that. "If the Party says 2+2=5, then 2+2=5".

  • 48 seconds in and Tucker fails to acknowledge people aren't against the statement "all lives matter" they're against the idea of all lives matter as a means of waving off actual discrimination in this country. You either have to be moronic to miss that point or an asshole to intentionally mislead the public.

  • Well Tucker, to answer the clip’s title, yes. You see that is why I can call you a misinformed, ignorant bigot. That would be the freedom I have to exercise my 1st amendment right and your as well so you can say the rubbish you spout every day.

  • america is far from a free society, there are more rules laws and restrictions in america then the original framers of the constitution would have ever imagined, more jails prisons cops lawyers and judges then this country ever needed, our liberties our being squashed in the name of safety, we have become a nation of cowards, does this sound like america is free to you, liar

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