Uber’s Community Guidelines: Safety and Respect for All | Uber

Uber’s Community Guidelines: Safety and Respect for All | Uber

All of us belong to
different communities. Some big, and some not so big. They help make us who we are. They shape how we act, and they teach us how to
treat each other. To lead with decency… and respect. To look out for one another… and to just be a good person. Uber’s Global Community Guidelines
were created with those same common values in mind. They’re standards to make
your experience with Uber feel respectful, inclusive, and safe. No matter where you are. So thanks for following our guidelines and helping make Uber
a more enjoyable experience for everyone. For everyone.
For everyone. For everyone.
For everyone. For everyone.

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  • We’ve created our Community Guidelines for everyone’s safety and to help make Uber a more enjoyable experience for everyone using the Uber apps.

    We're committed, along with millions of riders, drivers, delivery partners, Uber Eats customers, restaurants, and JUMP users, to treat everyone with kindness and respect, to help keep one another safe, and to follow the law. These values are the inspiration for our three Community Guidelines pillars:

    – Treat everyone with respect

    – Help keep one another safe

    – Follow the law

    Uber’s Community Guidelines apply to everyone across all of our apps, including drivers, riders, delivery partners, Uber Eats customers, restaurants, and JUMP users.

  • Drivers are background check and have our car info. Passengers need to be checked also before taking the service for drivers safety. There has been to many innocents with both and driving being accused for false reports and auto deactivated for even having a video camera as proof for safety of both ad (He said – She said )

  • Uber sticker is on the wrong window…
    I would totally help a blind person to my car…
    Alittle cheesey video, but share this video to the passengers app for them to watch

  • A stranger whos focus is your safety deserves your graditude. Tip accordingly. It has always been and still is the proper way to "shake hands."

  • You would be amazed at how much $ uber would save by allowing gratuity. A system based on stars is a trick for kids.

  • This video shoul be also for rider to. Be cause some rider treat you bad and when you tell them please don't forget you sit bell and they eat at you car make a mess spill drink ah one more thing when we have UBER pool express people no wanna walk to the drivers. so show it to the RIDERS TOO.

  • I have been an Uber driver for 4 years, and Uber for violating my rights as a Federally Protected "Schedule A" person with disabilities. 

    Also, Uber allowed me to be falsely accused of denying service to a passenger with a service animal on Friday, May 24, 2019, and disabling my account, and preventing me from earning the only income I currently have for 2 days. I was never approached with a request from anyone with a dog or any other animal. I had to report this particular passenger for trying to force me into waiting on her for an extended period time, while she was possibly running a drug deal. By Uber's own admission, they told me they could clearly see that the passenger was lying, and based on Uber's own records, I officially completed the trip with this passenger. I was also promised compensation for my losses and suffering during this busy holiday weekend, after I was cleared and my account was reactivated, but Uber is denying ever stating this. I have an email and the recording of my conversation with Jeff from Uber Accessibility & Disability Department on Friday that clearly contradicts Uber's denial. 

    As a driver I am constantly in threat of false accusations from passengers who want a free trip or wants to retaliate, because Uber never checks our side of the story first, or before immediately de-activating me. This is the second false accusation I have experienced since driving with Uber (for driving intoxicated in October 2016) – Which also occurred during a holiday weekend. Again, once I proved that the passenger lied (which was verified by the activities of my trips on that day), I was cleared but not compensated in any way. The earnings I lost was at least $500 – $600 in 2016, and again the same for this Memorial weekend, including promotions and bonuses.

  • Uber steals %60 of our earnings, then expects us to allow passengers to bully us around for $3 , I’m not letting anyone treat me like I’m their 5 year old son for a lousy $3 per ride from uber

  • Sadly I had a colleague ride with me during a business trip who acted like a complete a$$ and because it was under my name I received a poor rating. I was so embarrassed about her behavior. This was very disappointing because I'm very respectful to the Uber driver and always tip very well.

  • Your CEO dara is a theif.a company runs by gangsters .more strikes soon.suits in progress.dara you going down👊👊👊👊👊

  • i can smell the SJW coming from this video through my phone smh.. Who is the director media agency creating all these ad/video. Time to look into Dash or Delivery Dudes.

  • Good thing Uber decided to hide the Like/Dislike ratio. They know the mental illness they promote is not popular, common or accepted.

  • “ALL of us belong to different communities…” How about, MANY of us belong to different communities. Let’s not mislead people with your lexicon Uber.


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  • یہ سب جھوٹ بولتا ہیں کوئی رائیڈ کرو بار بار کیپٹل کینسل کرتا ہے یہ وہ خودی چاٹ پر بولتا ہے رائیڈ کینسل کرو میں نہیں آرہا اور پیسے بھی جو لکھے آتا ہے وہ نہیں بنتا سب جھوٹ ہے uber میں ۔۔

  • If you don't like Uber use a taxi. If you don't like driving for Uber become a taxi driver. If you don't like uber delivering your food learn to cook. Only you can change what happened to your life stop f**** complaining

  • Got an email from Uber – thought I better check out the "new guidelines" – is this it???……we all have to become more "American" OMG only Americans are so self indulgent – I like Uber, respect their drivers, their drivers appear to respect me, never had any issues, I have a full 5 star rating – why would you want me to have an "American" attitude and ruin that?

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