Warren gives cringeworthy answer about ancestry claims

Warren gives cringeworthy answer about ancestry claims

100 thoughts on “Warren gives cringeworthy answer about ancestry claims

  • Trump is so cool. I’d like to give him a present–a chocolate gun.
    Because there are always people around him, I’d have to run up to him really fast to hand it to him!

  • Sen. Warren, I don't trust her, way too far left and a socialist just like the rest … I guess I'll vote for Trump again in 2020… I think most freedom loving American Citizen's feel the same way…

  • I wonder if Warren can still be tried for defrauding the government when she received government money for college.

  • It's not about the politics of it, it's about the principle. She's an absolute fraud, why would we believe her about anything now?

  • I think she should be allowed to contemplate being a tiny bit native but should apologize for claiming it on paper

  • Was not cringe-worthy or awkward this show is pathetic just like all the Fox shows try to make everyone else look bad over the minut little things they should really focus on all the extreme things that Donald Trump does that are very awkward and cringe-worthy!


  • Why doesn't she just tell the truth and say " I'm a white woman nothing else " you would have way more respect. I live in an Indian reservation. You ma'am are no way shape or form have native blood in you. And if you do it's so "watered down" after years of breeding it out it doesn't mean anything anymore.

  • I'm Native American— LIE
    I didn't benefit from it– LIE


  • Based on Charlemagne's treatment of her compared to his treatment of Kamala I don' t think he likes her.

  • the sad part is, a lot of white americans ive met always say they're like 1/16th native or some stupid crap like that

  • Why are you wasting time reporting on this liar? She is not a contender. She is not even a person anyone would waste time talking to. She is a lying criminal opportunist who owes the US the cost of her stolen Ivy League diploma. Pocahontas is an elitist criminal: She's not only a criminal, but she thinks she's better than us! She should be homeless, and if she were, you wouldn't waste your time even looking at her. Toss her a quarter, avoid the stench, and move on.

  • Oh ho ho, the Boston Globe did an investigation guys the matter has been settled! Everyone knows that we can trust the Boston Globes journalism over reality, why is this even an issue?

  • To call anyone Pocahontas as an insult is a shame against any American.

    Pocahontas is a hero for women, and an icon to ALL MEN who seek adventure.

    Before America started to take in refugee bitchs most people were mixed with native American.

    White people look white to me sometimes but are excepted and recognized by native American nation's.

    Warren could be native American ..

    #(ck) common knowledge

  • Republican: he’s a good interviewer, and he disarms her with his authenticity.
    Democrat: omggggg what did you say???? Huuuurrrrdduuuurrr

  • Man, Ross became very annoying in the news. You don't interrupt people like that, sir, it doesn't matter if you were in Friends, let people talk.

  • I don’t care what she said about her ancestry, I just want to get the money out of politics and her anti corruption act is great.

  • Pocahontas is a fake. She should have the taste slapped out of her mouth each and every time she claims native American privilege. Liar wench.

  • Poca believes she is a native american. S'all good, bro. But I'll bet all the tribes that got pissed off at Victoria's Secret for co opting their culture are preparing an apology. This slime ball does it intentionally, will NOT apologize, does it repeatedly, and makes a mockery of the true meaning of culture, genetics, ethnicity, and identity. Of course, in the whole identity politics sham, this is to be expected, but it is nonetheless shameful.On a completely utterly unrelated topic, Transminders believe they can compete as women. Who knew??

  • Before we all jump on this fraudulent wackjob, be aware that she wants to take down Google etc with Anti-Trust (anti monopoly) law. Google said they don't want to be the next Apple that gets an arrow through it. Rut roh. Actually that is a reference to William Tell, which was used by the Lone Ranger to keep Tonto in line. rut roh. It seems like everything I say I get red in the face. Rut roh. She even attacks the Chief of Google. rut roh.

  • I just goog'd her and she IS from Oklahoma. To be honest, I know some Native Americans who say EVERYONE is 1/32 Cherokee. Of course, they are usually laughing so hard when they say this that I kinda think it is a giant joke. Kinda. Seriously, Trump called this years ago, years ago, years ago. On the off chance that she uses Smellgate to displace Biden, and the gender card to displace Sanders, Trump will play with her like a cat with a mouse, on stage. Then she can play the victim card. Better than nothing.

  • Elizabeth Wareen doesn’t know how to defend herself and if she is ever pressed on an issue, her voice trembles and it sounds like she is about to cry which is a sign of a low self esteem and low confident person and she wants to go against our President a born brawler, who is sure of himself and when attacked not only defends himself but he totally destroys you…..if that ever happened it would be a blood bath, on another note I wonder if it is summer also in the Planet that Juan Williams lives on?

  • I mean in her defense…I'm the whitest white guy, but I have always been raised knowing my grandmother was half native. Which makes me 12.5% supposedly. You would never know by looking at me and I've never known otherwise. It would be news to me to be told otherwise, however it does absolutely remain in realm of possibilities.

  • Juan Diego or whatever his name is took some vitamin B12 or something and miraculously got the power of thought and speech. While all the rest of you are dwelling on what must be the most boring story in racial politics, I am seeing the poster boy for stupid black folks become relevant. And not stupid. Wow. Now, if he could just try to help Don L'Orange, life could get interesting.

  • Warren walking disaster liar and a fraud will never be president ever give it up and yes I'm sure u benefited some how lying moron

  • FOX – get rid of low I.Q -" I know everything better than you do" – Juan😖 (what's his name? 😊Your ratings will hit the roof !!!!

  • Fox News is for morons. Literally nobody but dumbass republicans buy this propaganda. Watch the actual interview you buffoons. These talking heads are just making money off your ignorance.

  • politicians don't ever tell the truth. All they do is try and portray themselves as masters of the universe, who I wouldn't trust to clean the windshield of my car.

  • Well people were dumb enough to believe her. Why did it take Trump saying something for people to question it?

  • Just imagine if trump or a republican did this…something tells me it wouldn’t be accepted. Hypocrisy at its finest

  • Democrats can’t tell the truth, no matter how hard they try… 😎🇺🇸🇮🇱🇬🇧🇯🇵🇨🇦

  • The Boston Globe investigated if she benefited from telling everyone she was a native American, and they found that she didn't? Oh ok, then that settles it, cause everyone knows the mainstream media doesn't lie, or try to help dirty liberals cover up their filthy past.

  • Pocahontas must be a glutton for punishment trying to run for President. Her own Lunatic Lefty comrades are going to shred her in the debates for this kind of B.S. she's pulled. If she miraculously won the DEMONrat nomination, Trump will then eviscerate her on National TV and feed her her own heart. TRUMP 2020!!!

  • To be fair, if you read some of her earlier works before infection by the victim-hood thought-virus she was a respectable free-thinker. The whole victim-hood Olympics is like a delusional condition in the purely psychological use of that term. The perceived/imagined reality don't line up with actual manifest reality. Cure the condition, and normalcy returns.
    That way we can put our scorn upon the illness rather than on the person. And to be clear, I'm not calling Liberalism a mental illness. Only the thought-virus that came out of the radial Left.

  • Infected Leftist ideologues have no defense against common sense, proven science, intellectual discussion. The "stress curve" goes from denial to justification to propaganda to censorship.

  • There is an a demon rat alive that's in politische politics that hasn't lied thousands of times. And for any one of those jackasses to say trump is lie their fullest share at prove it to me. FAKE mainstream media news clips. WWG1WGA PAIN HIS HERE. After trump's last visit to the UK we are no longer under the royals rule.

  • Warren. You should be ashamed. I don't have the words. You have hurt us all and many others. I can't believe you can show your face in public much less run for President. Your an idiot. You and Nancy should spend more time together as idiots herd with idiots, don't forget AC. You should sun by the pool on donations and tax payer dollars. Hope you are enjoying your Harvard education, you got access to the school, because you claimed yourself as a minority. Would you like us to pay for that too. Don't forget Hillary as she will fit into the your herd as well.

  • Beto thinks he's Mexican, Warren thinks she's an Indian, Harris thinks she's African and AOC thinks she's Jewish. This crop of Dems are completely delusional!

  • I am a body language expert
    This is what I see: Shaking her head like saying no. Closed arms which means being closed off hiding. Answers question with "shrugging" like saying I don't know.
    All the wrong signals.

  • She used the minority status to increase she eligibility for acceptance in collage. What type of person does that? The one that tell you the truth ALL THE TIME!!! YEA

  • I just came up with the marketing coup of the week. Set the scene: Elizabeth W. drives up to the Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, NC driving her Jeep Cherokee. She gets her Cherokee Players Club card, holds it up to the camera and shows her name and the word Cherokee. She says, " See, I told you they were connected."

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