Why Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test totally backfired | With Chris Cillizza

Why Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test totally backfired | With Chris Cillizza

– What am I going as for Halloween? A nerd! Don’t ask surprised. Pocahontas, if you’ve paid
even a little attention to the political world lately, you know that’s President Donald Trump’s preferred nickname for Elizabeth Warren, the democratic senator from Massachusetts. It’s an admittedly crude reference to her claim that she is
of Native American descent and Trump’s somewhat fact-free response that Warren claimed her
status as a minority to get ahead in the world of academia. So why does any of this matter you ask. Well, because Warren is running. Mmm, should I say, considering running for president in 2020 against, you guessed it, Donald John Trump. Which brings us to what
Warren did recently, out of the blue, she released
a five plus minute video in which she travels back to her hometown, that’s Norman Oklahoma, to extensively trace her family tree. The video is slickly produced
and has all the hallmarks of a video someone running for president, or considering running for president. (bell dings)
Would make. There’s the folksy conversation with Warren’s extended family about their hearth’s gravel roots. The shots of Warren doing
normal people stuff, you know, like walking
and pointing at things and repeated mentions
of how Warren’s mother always told her family that she was of Native American heritage. And then comes the big reveal. Warren, on the phone with
renowned Stanford geneticist, Carlos Bustamante, he’s
an advisor to 23andMe, we’ve all heard of that,
asked whether Trump is right, or her mother is right
and if she does in fact have Native American ancestry. Bustamante responds that. – The facts suggest that you absoulutely have a Native American
ancestor in your pedigree. – Which, if you ask me is
not exactly definitive. Think of it this way, if I go
to the doctor for a physical and at the end, when I
ask them if I’m healthy, he says, quote, the facts suggest that you absolutely are healthy, I’m feeling good, but I’m
not feeling great, right? I’d rather have heard, you
are absolutely healthy! You are going to live until
you are 120 years old. The word, suggest, from
Bustamante throws a decent slice of doubt into the proceedings. The conclusion from Warren’s DNA test. A test Trump himself has
routinely called on her to take doesn’t help her case
all that much either. She is, according to the best estimate somewhere between 1/64 an
1/1,024 Native American. 1/1,024! That’s 0.0097%, which is not a lot. Now sidebar on the timing of all of this. Warren’s people say the
results were released soon after she got them, which, fine. But of course, DNA
tests measure one thing, and we know ethnic identity is complex. That’s something that
the Secretary of State for the Cherokee Nation brought up in his response to the
whole thing, saying quote, “Using a DNA test to lay
claim to any connection “to the Cherokee Nation
or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong.” That’s Chuck Hoskin Jr., he added, “Senator Warren is
undermining tribal interests “with her continued claims
of tribal heritage.” Ugh. All of which leaves me
wondering why did Warren do this DNA thing at all? Yes, of course, I get
what she was trying to do. She knew that Trump’s Pocahontas attack was doing her some damage
among skiddish democrats who don’t wanna nominate someone in 2020 who has a gaping weakness that Trump, the biggest bully on the block, would and could exploit. Warren wanted to show that she couldn’t and wouldn’t be swift-boated. What do I mean by that term? Democrats are still bitter
about the 2004 campaign in which a number of men who had served with Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry, on swift-boats in Vietnam claimed that he had badly exaggerated
his acts of bravery during the war. Kerry was caught flat-footed by an attack on what most people believe
was his greatest strength, his military service in Vietnam
and really never recovered, losing to George W. Bush. So Warren wanted to tell
democrats that she was ready for Trump’s attacks and had
the facts 100% on her side. That he would come at her,
but she would punch back hard and effectively. She wanted to reassure them
that there was no danger that in nominating her, they
could be risking their chances of beating Trump, their last chance at beating Trump in 2020. Sidebar, democrats are also still haunted by Hilary Clinton’s loss to Trump in 2016. A defeat they lay, at least in part, at the feet of the fact
that she simply had too much baggage from
past political fights that he could and did exploit effectively. All the while amazingly
side-stepping the baggage he had of his own. The problem here is that
Warren’s video and DNA test didn’t tie things up in a
nice bow for her or democrats. Even the most favorable reading of what Warren’s DNA test showed is that there’s a high probability that she has a tiny bit of
Native American blood in her. Now, that fact doesn’t change this fact. That when the story first
broke, way back in 2012, Warren initially said she had no idea that she was not only listed, but touted as a minority
by Harvard Law School. She then had to acknowledge
that she had listed her minority status on some federal forms. Another sidebar, Harvard and
the University of Pennsylvania continue to say that her ancestry was not a factor in her hiring. Now the DNA test doesn’t offer any sort of conclusive, beyond a
shadow of a doubt, evidence of Warren’s Native American heritage, and therefore it remains
today what it’s been for the past six years. It’s an effective attack line
for her political opponents, democrats and republicans. Enter Trump. He tweeted, quote,
“Pocahontas, the bad version, “sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren “is getting slammed. “She took a bogus DNA test and it showed “that she may be 1/1,024, “far less than the average American. “Now Cherokee Nation denies her. “DNA test is useless. “Even they don’t want her. “Phony!” Then he tweeted again. “Elizabeth Warren is being
hammered, even by the left. “Her false claim of Indian heritage is only selling to very
low IQ individuals.” This is of course what Trump does. He boasts, he brags, he bullies. But Warren’s DNA test reveal was aimed at taking potent arrow out
of Donald Trump’s quiver. Instead, she gave him
lots more ammunition. And that is ThePo!nt. We do this every week, twice. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday for brand new episodes. (jazz music)

100 thoughts on “Why Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test totally backfired | With Chris Cillizza

  • March 19, 2019 Warren gave an emotional speech about growing up POOR, her older brothers joining the U.S. military "only as an escape from poverty" ( not exactly Grapes Of Wrath ). Then Warren's father suffers heart attack forcing Mother to go work at Sears. This is where Warren is conditioned by fear of Home Foreclosure.

    Sounds like Hillary's anger over her own mother's poverty, a driving force for her quest for her own Power.

    So, I could see Warren desperately using the "Native American" shtick to become "first woman of color" in that Harvard Dept, a $360,000 annual salary.
    Meanwhile, actual Indians, descendants of survivors of genocide, and forced attendance in crappy Indian Boarding Schools, have largely been off the radar for major law schools. Takeovers of federal buildings in D.C. and of Alcatraz Island were results of Destitution of Reservation Life, these events putting them on radar of COINTELPRO, instead of college recruiters.
    Imagine a caucus of fullblooded American Indians in U.S. Senate working on the 100 UNratified Treaties discovered Hidden in U.S. Senate in 1905? Just honoring those treaties in 1905 would have done much for the dwindling populations then. Instead, enlistment in WW1 was a boost ( unlike Warren's claim about her 3 brothers' desperation ) and again in WW2, Korea, and VietNam.
    AIM American Indian Movement was actually started to get Federal Govt to Honor provisions of those Treaties…. but so many of the AIM members themselves were flawwed by their impoverished lives. Maybe Warren is onto something?…. many of the Indian Wannabe's co-opt into the Tragedy of The American Indian with a fervor, like the massive protest camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent weeks at herself….?

  • Pedantic reasoning over the word "suggest" – the geneticist may have been leaving himself an out if what he was told or provided by Warren was false

  • just not sure what baggage trump has that people are talking about other than the grab her by the p** crap.

  • That's like saying Crazy Horse is 1 BILLIONTH *WHITE* and that makes him of European ancestry. People really aren't this DUMB are they?

  • But More Importantly She Is A Crap Politician,She's Also Got That Trump Derangement Syndrome……John Kerry Walked Into A Bar And The Bartender Asks Him "Why The Long Face"…..The Democrats Can Sure Pick 'em!!

  • There IS conclusive evidence that Warren unambiguously has some Native American ancestry. Get someone who understands genetics to explain it to you.

  • Where is it in writing? Why has she not shown a copy of the actual test? I have researched DNA ancestry tests, here on YouTube, and if one has Native American ancestry, it is in writing. That is where I take issue with Chuck Hoskin in that if a DNA ancestry tests states that there is Native American ancestry, and, the percent of whatever Nationality they are, why is that not fact? After researching, I decided to do my own test in which I am currently awaiting my results which I should receive in about 2 weeks (honest). I will let you know the results, I promise. I am waiting on eggshells, too! Bringing up Elizabeth Warren as a minority. Was that her predominant Nationality? I have minority ancestry, Portuguese, which is Spanish, but, I don't use that to state that I am a minority. As a born and bred American Citizen, I never consider myself to be a minority. Did she use that? Could she?

  • How the fuck is Trump racist? Actions speaks louder than words. I admit Trump says some stupid shit but she pretending to be native American to get into a fancy ass college when I'm legit half Cherokee and I had to work my ass off to get into college of Charleston. Fuck her and her posing ass.

  • Does the DNA test say anything about having high cheekbones and being a complete 100% fraud of being an Indian???

  • She must pay back every cent of Indian casino money she scammed if she has !!!!! Every cent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Well, she's a flaky liar. She makes shit up as she goes along, like most liberals from New England do, and she wants to set a presence for us all to be sucked into, in the form of flaky, lying nonsense.

  • 1/1024 is a lot higher than a random result. Much higher than the margin of doubt in the Clinton/Monica test by far. 1/1024 is definitely "some', like in "some ancestry". You don't get to choose your DNA, and you are allowed to disclose it or not at your discretion. This is faaaar above Trump's multiple barefaced lies. Result: Choose Warren over Trump any time.

  • CNN is only fighting Elizabeth Warren because she does not support Israel, American media, politicians, and leadership always loyal to Israel before America

  • Goofy Pocahontas will never be anywhere near the white house……A phony and a fraud throughout her life robbing some real minority person their rightful chance…..Watch her video at home, her husband literally lives in fear and has to ask permission to be in his own kitchen !

  • almost watched this, a few seconds in, Trump bashed – noticed it was CNN. left without watching further. I tuned in to see how the DNA test affected others, not what Trump said about her.

  • remember that if you had cereal for breakfast, you are more cereal percentage wise than Ms. Warren is native american.

  • The facts suggest you have at least one functioning lung

    I’m more African than Elizabeth Warren is Native American but you don’t see me going around saying I’m African-American

  • This lady is great and possesses presidential material qualities. She is as intelligent as Hillary Clinton and a kind and caring heart like Abraham Lincoln. She could take the nation out of the economic woes and make America whole again. President Warren, Maam!

  • Google has now shuffled this highly informative link to page four of its results (a few months ago it was on page two) for "elizabeth warren genealogy":


  • She could have sited a name ya know lol. She said someone somewhere at some point hundreds of years ago made me a minority, I don’t know who but I’m gonna take advantage with no proof.

  • I’ll make it easy… Elizabeth Warren is NOT a “woman of color”, nor is she an Indian. Warren is an old, woman with Engich, german and Scottish heritage. That’s 0% Indian, 0% minority, 100% liar.

  • It's not important that her writing Native American as her race was or wasn't the deciding factor for her getting in to Harvard… It's the fact that she DID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • Did i just "liked" a CNN video? :/ i think i did…
    Surprisingly honest from CNN and that effeminate,jewish hack Cillizza.

  • Fake Native American Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren dosen't stand a chance in Hell of Beating Trump….you know who does. Bernie 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Old squaw Fauxcahontas send bad smoke signals. This test revealed only one thing. She is never going to be President.

  • My dad swore up and down to us kids that we are Native American (never for any services, just talked about at home). One DNA test years later determined that was a lie, but he 100% believed he was a quarter Native American his whole life.

  • Hmm. why do I like this guy ? I'm not used to CNN being real ? so how does he have a job at CNN ? am I being gas lighted ? I'm so confused..

  • as a democrat there is nothing wrong with lying about your heritage as an Indian and just to get ahead of others in college. Its funny. But still whatever works to get ahead and cheat the system and become presidency like Democrat Warren.

  • Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn't know that Pocahontas is a bald-faced liar? If so, they must have been focused on a rabbit-warren rather than Pocahontas Warren!

  • She used the minority status to walk herself to the top…she's a shiny example of a scammer. She stole some minority's future and now want's to be President.

  • Her Mom claimed Native American Heritage So what .I had a Cherokee women in my ancestry but not on the rolls. No birth certificate existed that I knew of.DNA is ridiculous. And this is disgusting-claiming Native American ancestry. Taking a DNA test years after she claimed it tells a lot

  • Regarding why I think you are wrong, I can't. Perhaps the Warren campaign agrees hence the reason why the video no longer appears on her campaign site. [1] After watching this installment, my view of Chris Cillizza went up a few notches on a network whose sole mission appears to be to unseat Donald Trump from office at any cost. That is why I switched to Fox News and BBC America. I used to be a viewer of CNN exclusively from Toronto, Ontario prior to the change at the top. In any event, good job on this one, Chris.
    [1] https://www.foxnews.com/media/elizabeth-warren-completely-scrubs-dna-results

  • Yes Im With You On the Disgust With Hilary Runing Again, Please Don't Go After Elizabeth, She Has Too Much Class and Integrity. I Read An Article About Her Nativie American Claim. Turns Out Her Mother Did Tell Her She Had Some Native American Heritage, Butt A Very Minute Small Degree. However Waren Perviously, Did Soical Service Work For People In the Nativie American Reservations, And Eliabeth Wanted The Native Americans Feel Connected to Her. Is Absoluty Nothng Wrong With That!!!!! I Love Liz!!!!!

  • If she didn’t use it to her advantage, then why mention it at all?
    Warren knew she was at most 1/32nd and 1/64th because she knew her parents and grandparents – none of them were Indians.
    Presumably if she had had an ancestor as close as a great grandparent or even great great who was Native American, she would have known.
    Warren is not stupid
    She knew the benefits. For starters – she was the FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR at Harvard.
    It’s beyond disgusting.
    It’s beyond hypocrisy that the msm does not call her out, high cheekbones and all.

  • Don't miss the beauty in the story. Warren was willing to back up her claim with facts. And she hadn't lied. She does have a Native American ancestor, no matter how remote.

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